Journalists and media personalities cover the world’s biggest stories across industries like business, politics and technology. They become experts in whatever they research and can make great speakers on a wide variety of topics. They are the greatest fact finders we have today and their knowledge can greatly impact your company, organization or group. 

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Rosa Clemente Community Organizer, Journalist & Political Activist

Community organizer, radio journalist and hip-hop activist Rosa Clemente ran for Green Party Vice President in... Read More

Category: Activists , Journalists

Rich Lowry Editor in Chief of the National Review

Rich Lowry is a prominent conservative commentator, author, and editor. He is best known as the editor-in-chie... Read More

Category: Authors , Conservative Speakers , Inspirational Speakers

Rick Burgess One Half of America's Fastest Growing Morning Show Rick & Bubba

Rick Burgess is a radio personality and co-host of "The Rick and Bubba Show," a popular syndicated morning tal... Read More

Category: Comedians , Journalists

Rachel Fine Howard Stern Show / Watch Rachel on Howard Stern's The Bonus Show

Rachel Fine is a multi-talented artist known for her work as a TV host, singer/songwriter, and paranormal repo... Read More

Category: Futurists , Journalists , Leadership Speakers

Ruben Navarette Jr. Columnist and Journalist

Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a nationally syndicated columnist with The Washington Post Writers Group whose twic... Read More

Category: Journalists

Richard Behar Business Investigative Journalist

Richard Behar is an investigative journalist and author based in New York. He has written for numerous publica... Read More

Category: Business Speakers , Journalists