Jewish Speakers

Jewish speakers may be rabbi, a religious scholar or researcher. Jewish speakers are typically authorities on Judaism as a religion and as a practice. They also may be intimately knowledgeable about Jewish history. Booking a Jewish speaker can help your organization get a better understanding of the Jewish faith. Jewish speakers are in greater demand as more people want to learn about the religion and the history of Jewish people over time. 

Want to book a Jewish speaker for your next corporate event, party, trade show, or conference? Speaker Booking Agency can help you find a Jewish speaker who is a cultural and ideological fit with your organization. Contact us today! 

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Joe Mande Comedian Writer & Actor

Mande moved on from Emerson College in Boston where he shaped a sketch parody bunch with Harris Wittels and Armen Weitzman. Mande has showed up on such TV shows as Comedy Central's The Half Hour VH1's... Read More

Rabbi Dan Ain Founder and Spiritual Leader Because Jewish

Rabbi Dan Ain is a spiritual leader, musician, and community builder who has made it his life's mission to inspire and connect people through meaningful experiences. He founded Because Jewish, an orga... Read More

David Sable CEO at Y&R Advertising

Global Chief Executive Officer “Do it big or stay in bed.”That’s David’s belief and it says it all — why bother if you can’t do it right?David Sable became Global CEO of Y&R in February 2011 but Y&R h... Read More

Michael Skakun Historian Lecturer Author of On Burning Ground Son of Holocaust Survivor

Michael Skakun is the author of On Burning Ground: A Son's Memoir the story of his father's nerve-peeling inspirational wartime survival. The recipient of a star and lead review in Publisher's Weekly... Read More

Jeannie Opdyke Smith Inspiring Holocaust Rescuer

Jeannie is part of a new generation of Holocaust Speakers sharing life stories from their parent's first-hand experiences. She is a regular speaker for the Anti-Defamation League as well as the Bearin... Read More

Elizabeth Pipko Founder of The Exodus Movement Model Athlete & Writer

Elizabeth Pipko is a model athlete and writer from New York City. The daughter of immigrants and granddaughter of world-renowned Jewish artist Marc Klionsky Elizabeth has always remained strongly grou... Read More

Sharon Brous Senior & Founding Rabbi of Israel: Knowledge Advocacy and Responsibility (IKAR); Famous Jewish Learning Ritual and Community Speaker

Rabbi Brous had no enthusiasm for turning into a rabbi until a dazing end of the week in the Old City of Jerusalem where she incidentally unearthed the responses to the entirety of life's inquiries. A... Read More

Dr. Erica Miller Holocaust Survivor International Award-Winning Author & Entrepreneur

Dr. Erica Miller was born on November 10 1933. From birth to age seven Erica and her family lived a ‘normal’ life in Tshernovitz which is now part of the Ukraine. In 1940 when Erica was seven she and... Read More

Steve Lovelace Writer Graphic Artist and Photographer.

St. Louis was the location of conception. I went to Michigan State University and taught Spanish in Samoa. Now I work as a writer, visual crafter, and photographer in Dallas, Texas. Check the availabi... Read More

Rabbi Naomi Levy Rabbi Spiritual Leader & Founder of Nashuva

Rabbi Naomi Levy is an American spiritual leader, author, and public speaker. She founded Nashuva, a Jewish outreach community in Los Angeles that focuses on engaging the unaffiliated Jewish populatio... Read More