Astronaut Speakers

Astronauts are some of the most passionate people in the world. After all, the training that it takes to become an astronaut is intense and difficult. In order to make it through training, you must be dedicated and hardworking. Astronauts have seen some things that most humans can only dream of. Some astronauts have been to the International Space Station, while a lucky few have been to the moon. An astronaut speaker can keep your audience engaged and excited. 

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Jeanette J. Epps NASA Astronaut, Aquanaut and Ph.D in Aerospace

Jeanette J. Epps was born in Syracuse, New York. She graduated from Thomas J. Corcoran High School, Syracuse, New York in 1988. Jeanette received her Bachelor of Science in Physics from LeMoyne Col... Read More

Donald Sutherland Actor

A native of Canada Sutherland was born in New Brunswick on July 27 1934. Raised in Bridgewater Nova Scotia he took an early interest in the entertainment industry becoming a radio DJ by the time he wa... Read More

Tony Goldwyn American Actor; Currently Stars as President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal

An American actor and director by the name of Anthony Howard Tony Goldwyn. The portrayal of Sam Wheat's friend-turned-betrayer Carl Bruner in the film Ghost by Patrick Swayze is probably Goldwyn's mos... Read More

Sam Rockwell Award-Winning Actor Known For His Roles in Moon The Green Mile and Galaxy Quest

Sam Rockwell was drawn to the theatre as a child and started performing in plays every year after that. Rockwell decided to go to New York permanently and pursue acting after receiving a role in the 1... Read More

Andy Grammer Platinum-Selling Singer-Songwriter; Known for Honey I'm Good Keep Your Head Up and Fine By Me; Dancing With the Stars Season 21

Andy Grammer shared the stage with Taylor Swift Train and Colbie Caillat and he is the first male pop star since John Mayer in 2002 to reach the Top 10 at Adult Pop Radio on his first 2 singles

Mark Polansky Former NASA Astronaut Military Fighter & Test Pilot

Mark Polansky is a former NASA Astronaut who flew on STS-98 STS-116 and STS-127 accumulating close to 1000 hours in space. Polansky graduated from Purdue University with both a B.S. and M.S. in Aerona... Read More

Joe Brennan Director of Production Operations The Spaceship Company

Joe Brennan is the executive of creation activities of The Spaceship Company which was established by Branson's Virgin Group in a joint endeavor with Scaled Composites. TSC is an aviation creation org... Read More

Duran Duran English Rock Band

Without music videos it's likely that the band's pop-funk - described by the group as the Sex Pistols meets Chic - would never have made them international pop stars. While Duran Duran did have sharpe... Read More

Chris Hadfield Astronaut & Former Commander of the International Space Station

Colonel Hadfield is a pioneer of many historic “firsts”. In 1992 he was selected by the Canadian Space Agency as a NASA Mission Specialist – Canada’s first fully-qualified Space Shuttle crew member. T... Read More