Parenting Speakers

Parenting is a full-time job and it comes with a series of challenges. Figuring out your work-life balance and making sure that you are doing the best by your child can be time-consuming. A parenting speaker can help you understand how to approach parenting in a positive manner. 

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Pam Tebow Christian Speaker and Mom of Sports Star Tim Tebow

As the daughter of an army colonel, Pam Tebow lived all over the world until she was seventeen, when she entered the University of Florida. She graduated with honors from the College of Journalism and... Read More

Kim Stagliano Award-Winning Autism Advocate and Mother of Three Autistic Daughters

Kim Stagliano is a nationally recognized autism advocate and speaker and the author of All That I Can Handle her “Kimoir” of raising three – yes three – daughters with autism. Although autism typicall... Read More

Meg Meeker Pediatrician & Nationally Recognized Parenting Expert; Author of Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

Dr. Meg Meeker has spent over 25 years practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine while also helping parents and children to communicate more deeply about difficult topics. Following the success of... Read More

Joan Lombardi International Child Development and Social Policy Expert

Joan Lombardi is an international expert on child development and social policy. Over the past 40 years she has made significant contributions in the areas of child and family policy as an innovative... Read More

Willow Sweeney Co-founder of Top 20 Training

Top 20 Training, a company that offers training and resources to develop leaders, was co-founded by Willow Sweeney. pupils' potential is developed by instructors, parents, and students. Over 450000 le... Read More

Bobbi Wegner Psychologist; Lecturer at Harvard; Parenting Expert

Dr. Bobbi Wegner is a Clinical Health Psychologist who over the past ten years has focused on the impact of stress on kids parents and families which lead her to treat teach write and speak on these i... Read More

David Rendall Author of Freak Factor

During the last fifteen years, David Rendall has spoken to audiences on every inhabited continent. His clients include the US Air Force, Australian Government, and Fortune 50 companies such as Microso... Read More

Ashley Rhodes-Courter International Child Welfare Advocate

Since her first National Keynote at age 14, Ashley Rhodes-Courter has shared her story with thousands in the United States and in over 7 countries. Ashley Rhodes-Courter, MSW, is the quintessential... Read More

Rachel Campos-Duffy Parenting Expert; Author; Political Analyst & Fox News Contributor

Rachel Campos-Duffy is an American television personality, author, and political commentator. She first rose to prominence as a cast member on the reality television series "The Real World: San Franci... Read More

Mallika Chopra Entrepreneur, Talks About Living With Intent and Parenting

Founder & CEO of, Mallika Chopra “My intent is to connect with others by sharing and listening to each other’s stories.” Mallika learned about the power of intention at a young age fro... Read More