Homeland Security and Terrorism Speakers

Over the last two decades, homeland security and terrorism experts have become vital to our safety. With our world becoming more dangerous, these uniquely-qualified individuals assess global threats and prepare nations to combat them. Those who have spent their lives studying terrorism and working in homeland security also have the necessary security experience to consult companies and organizations on how they can protect their employees, clients and information.

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Chuck Banks Retired CIA Executive Who Runs High-Stakes Logistics LLC

Charles (Chuck) Banks retired from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after 33 years - 10 as a senior executive - leading government and military organizations supporting international operations a... Read More

Dean Stott Former Special Forces Operator World Record Holder Expedition Leader & Mental Health Advocate

Dean left the military after suffering a severe knee injury in a parachuting accident in 2011 after 16 honourable years of service. Throughout his esteemed military career Dean conducted deployments t... Read More

Robert Wright Author of The Moral Animal

Robert Wright is the author of The Moral Animal: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology and Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny and a contributing editor for The New Republic and a contributor to... Read More

David Remnitz Expert on Information Security and Cyber Terrorism

Remnitz has been a global icon for the past several years due to his great expertise in matters relating to information security. He has appeared severally on the New York Times, CNN, as well as BBC W... Read More

Ira Winkler Expert on Informational Security, Informational Warfare, Investigating Information Related Crimes and Industrial Espionage

Mr Ira Winkler is known globally as an expert in the domain of industrial espionage, information-based investigation of crime and Internet information security warfare. Ira Winkler has specialized ski... Read More

Gary Berntsen Retired CIA Officer and Best-Selling Author of Jawbreaker: The Attack on Bin Laden and Al Qaida

Gary Berntsen is a former Central Intelligence Agency career officer who served in the Directorate of Operations between October 1982 and June 2005. During his time at the CIA, he served as a CIA Stat... Read More

Michael Leiter Former Director of National Counterterrorism Center

Michael E. Leiter was the director of the United States National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), having served in the Bush Administration and been retained in the Obama Administration. A statement rel... Read More

Clint Watts Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute & NBC News National Security Contributor

Clint Watts is a Robert A. Fox Fellow in the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Program on the Middle East as well as a Senior Fellow at the Center For Cyber and Homeland Security at The George Washi... Read More

Catherine Herridge Award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News, Homeland Defense Correspondent

Catherine Herridge is a well-known face in American television industry. She is Chief Intelligence correspondent for the Fox News Channel. She had hosted the Saturday edition of Weekend Live in her ca... Read More

Brigitte Gabriel Leading Terrorism Expert & Analyst

Brigitte Gabriel has become one of the leading terrorism experts in the world providing information and analysis on Global Islamic terrorism. She is a member of the board of Advisers of the Intelligen... Read More