Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are our frontline of defense against numerous diseases and illnesses. They spend years studying ailments that affect the human body and then devote their lives to helping others. Medical professionals can speak about their areas of expertise and the way that the system of medicine works throughout the world. They often also have interesting perspectives on the future of health and insight into the latest medical innovations. 

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Diane Sieg Creator of the Resilience Academy that Speaks to Healthcare Organizations

Creator of the Resilience Academy, Diane Sieg spent 23 years working as an ER nurse in hospitals across the country. Today, as a resilience speaker, author, coach, and champion, Diane teaches healthca... Read More

Meg Meeker Pediatrician & Nationally Recognized Parenting Expert; Author of Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

Dr. Meg Meeker has spent over 25 years practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine while also helping parents and children to communicate more deeply about difficult topics. Following the success of... Read More

Padmini Murthy Global Health Director at New York Medical College School of Health Sciences and Practice

Dr. Padmini (Mini) Murthy is Professor and Global Health Director at New York Medical College School of Health Sciences and Practice. Dr. Murthy is a physician and an activist who trained in Obstetric... Read More

Dr. Mindy Fullilove Research Psychiatrist; Professor of Urban Policy & Health at The New School

Mindy Thompson Fullilove MD Hon AIA is a professor of urban policy and health at The New School. Prior to joining The New School in 2016 she worked for 26 years as a research psychiatrist at New York... Read More

Dr. Majid Fotuhi Adjunct Professor, George Washington University

Dr. Fotuhi received his doctorate degree in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 and his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School in 1997.  Through his 30 years of teaching, clinic... Read More

Patricia Benner Nursing Theorist, Academic & Author of From Novice to Expert

Dr. Patricia Benner is a nursing theorist who first developed a model for the stages of clinical competence in her classic book From Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice... Read More

Hilary Waller Director of Education and Programming and Psychotherapist, The Postpartum Stress Center

Hilary is the Director of Education and Programming and a psychotherapist at The Postpartum Stress Center in Rosemont, PA. She gives individual and gathering treatment administrations at The Postpartu... Read More

Harriet A. Washington Medical Writer

Harriet A. Washington is an American writer. She is the author of the book Medical Apartheid, which won the 2007 National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction. Washington was born in Fort Dix, Ne... Read More

Anthony Atala Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Anthony Atala, MD, is the Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and the W. Boyce Professor and Chair of Urology at Wake Forest University. Dr. Atala is a practicing surgeon... Read More

Rana Awdish Critical Care Physician and Author of the Memoir "In Shock"

Dr. Rana Awdish's medical journey began as a Wayne State University School of Medicine student. During her fourth year, she was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening condition that caused her to... Read More