Classic TV Stars

Classic TV stars are in demand because everyone knows who they are. These stars are instantly recognizable and have some of the most popular and endearing catchphrases out there. Booking a classic TV star can give your organization’s next event a major boost and ensure that the audience remains engaged and excited throughout. These classic TV stars often have incredible stories to tell about their heyday and they can keep the crowd amused for an entire event.

Classic TV stars can really boost your event and help you reach more people than ever. Speaker Booking Agency wants you to be able to find someone who fits in with your organization’s overall vision and company culture. Get a classic TV star who is going to excite the crowd and hold their attention for the entire event. Contact us today! 

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Johnny Depp Award-Winning Actor Producer & Musician

Johnny Depp is an entertainer maker and performer. He has been selected for 10 Golden Globe Awards winning one for Best Actor for his exhibition of the lead spot in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of F... Read More

Woody Harrelson Emmy Award-Winning Actor & Playwright; Known for True Detective and Natural Born Killers

Actor Woody Harrelson is an Emmy Award winner and an Oscar nominee. He is most recognized for his roles in The Hunger Games films, True Detective, Natural Born Killers, and Cheers. After earning degre... Read More

Jodie Foster Actress Film Director & Producer Known for Silence of the Lambs

Jodie Foster is an American entertainer movie executive and maker. Cultivate started acting in advertisements at 3 years old and her first critical job came in 1976 as a youngster prostitute in Taxi D... Read More

Kelsey Grammer Emmy Award-Winning Actor; Best Known for Frasier and Cheers

For better or worse leading actor Kelsey Grammer's name will probably forever be associated with the pompous garrulous and self-absorbed but lovable psychiatrist Frasier Crane a character Grammer has... Read More

Ron Howard Award-Winning Producer Director and Actor; Happy Days

Actor director and producer Ron Howard appeared in his first movie Frontier Woman when he was just 18 months old and made his stage debut at the age of 2 in a production of The Seven Year Itch. The ch... Read More

Ted Danson Award-Winning Actor Environmental Activist & Philanthropist Known for Cheers & The Good Place

The actor and producer Ted Danson is best known for his roles as Dr. John Becker on the CBS comedy Becker and Sam Malone on the NBC sitcom Cheers. He also played Jack Holden in the films Three Men and... Read More

Jessica Biel Actress; Global Water Quality Activist

Jessica Biel aimed big and achieved it with a down-to-earth hardworking approach. Rising to fame as the rebellious Mary Camden eldest daughter on the long-running 7th Heaven (The WB 1996-2006 The CW... Read More

Wayne Knight Comedic Actor Most Known for Seinfeld

In his career, versatile performer Wayne Knight has successfully portrayed a variety of characters on stage, on the big screen, and on television. The character performer, who was born in Cartersville... Read More

Shelley Long Golden Globe & Emmy Award-winning Actress; Known for Her Role as Diane Chambers on Cheers

Shelley Long is best known for her role as Diane on Cheers. She attended Northwestern University after graduating from South Side High School in Fort Wayne, but left before graduating to pursue a care... Read More

Bebe Neuwirth Actress Musician and Dancer; Known for Cheers and Jumanji

Bebe Neuwirth is an American actress musician and dancer. She has worked in television and is known for her portrayal of Dr. Lilith Sternin Dr. Frasier Crane's wife (later ex-wife) on both the TV sitc... Read More