Social Media Experts

Social media is one of the latest innovations that is driving change across the world. Businesses, nonprofits, and government departments all have a social media presence in order to get their messages out to the greater population. Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have hundreds of millions or even billions of users. This makes these websites some of the most important on the entire web. If you are looking to understand social media or how its trends impact different demographics, then you might consider booking a social media speaker. 

You can find social media experts who can help your organization reach their digital goals. These speakers are easier than ever to book with Speaker Booking Agency. Contact us today! 

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Clara Shih CEO & Founder of Hearsay Social; Author

Clara is CEO and Founder of Hearsay Social and a pioneer in the social media industry. Hearsay Social is the leading social sales and marketing platform, empowering the worlds largest companies to bu... Read More

David Karp Founder of Tumblr

David Karp's keynotes are not so much lectures as they are inspirational and informative stories of success, communicating to the viewer the mindset he had when he launched the short form blogging web... Read More

C.C. Chapman Author & Marketing Consultant

C.C. Chapman describes himself as a New England raised storyteller, explorer, and humanitarian. Others have described him as a thought leader in the online marketing space, a grounded futurist and one... Read More

Bonin Bough Host of Cleveland on CNBC, Formerly C-Suite at Mdlz & Head of Digital Marketing at PepsiCo

Bonin Bough is one of the foremost-awarded marketing executives in his field, the host of The Cleveland Hustles, and the author of Txt Me (646) 759-1837. Throughout his illustrious career as one of th... Read More

Chris Hughes Co-founder, Facebook and Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, The New Republic

Social media pioneer. Master of disruption. Editorial reformist. Noted philanthropist. Chris Hughes is the embodiment of today’s brightest young innovators and represents the forward-thinking entrepre... Read More

Cameron Dallas Vine & YouTube Star

Cameron Dallas is an American internet personality and actor, best known for his prominence on the video application Vine and YouTube. Dallas later went on to star in movies such as Expelled and The O... Read More

Brian Chesky Co-Founder, CEO & Head of Community at Airbnb

Brian Chesky was born August 29, 1981 and is an American internet developer and is best known for being the founder and CEO of Airbnb, a hospitality exchange service. Airbnb was started in August 200... Read More

Whitney Wolfe Herd Founder of Bumble and Co-Founder of Tinder

Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd is from the United States. She co-founded the dating app Tinder and is the creator and CEO of Bumble. Bumble first debuted in 2014. Bumble is expanding into new markets... Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Founder & CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is an American internet entrepreneur and philanthropist. Zuckerberg is known for co-founding and leading Facebook, Inc. and its namesake social networking website as its chairman, chie... Read More

Gina Bianchini Founder and CEO of Mightybell; Co-founder and CEO of Ning, Inc.; Co-founder of

Gina Bianchini helped usher in the age of social media nearly a decade ago when she co-founded Ning, a social networking site that launched the same year as Facebook. But even Bianchini, a serial ent... Read More