Entertainment Speakers

The entertainment industry produces some of the most famous people in the world. Actors, comedians and musicians are just some of the people who make up this diverse community. Entertainment speakers share stories about their careers and add legitimacy to any event with their presence. Some also champion special causes that they speak about. 

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Billy Sorrells Actor, Stand-Up Comic & Independent Filmmaker

Billy Sorrells has been described as the quintessential perfect storm. Since setting up shop in Los Angeles this year, the actor, stand-up comic and independent filmmaker has emerged as an entertainme... Read More

Darryl Van Leer Actor and Stage Performer

Darryl Van Leer's one-man show, "Power on Earth," has earned high praise from critics and audiences alike. Termed "emotionally riveting," by Daily Variety, the show features vivid portrayals of some o... Read More

David Bianchi Founder of Exertion Films, Self-Propelled Entrepreneur, Producer, Actor

Originally from Rochester, NY now based in Hollywood, CA he first hit the stage in 3rd grade. He is classically trained and holds a BFA in Theatre and Film from Arizona State where he held lead roles... Read More

Jeffret Schwarz Filmmaker

Jeffrey Schwarz is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and producer based in Los Angeles. His latest documentary feature is "Tab Hunter Confidential," a biographical portrait of the 1950s screen heartt... Read More

Judy Carter Master Teacher, Author, and Humorous Speaker

Years ago Judy Carter formed Comedy Workshop Productions, a school for wanna-be comics. Carter also produces the annual California Comedy Conference, which is attended by top Hollywood VIPs including... Read More

Ketih A. Somers Founder and COO of Keith A. Somers International Foundation, Actor, Voice Over Artist, & Motivational Speaker

Keith A. Somers, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Keith A. Somers International Foundation, was born in the 60’s and raised in the suburbs of Southeastern Pennsylvania, thirty minutes outside me... Read More

Kim Osorio TV Personality, Writer, and Producer

Her story has become history. Trying to survive in the male-dominated hip-hop industry, Kim Osorio excelled when she became the first ever and only female Editor In Chief of the Source Magazine. Havin... Read More

Michael Aronin Comedian

Michael Aronin is an nationally acclaimed speaker who teaches his audiences how to get past personal shortcomings and move forward productively in their careers. Being both a comedian and motivational... Read More

Phil Scott Radio and YouTube Personality on The Advise Show

Phil Scott is an American media personality and entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the world of online media and broadcasting. Born and raised in Texas, Scott graduated with a Bachelor'... Read More

Rich Kiamco Gay, Filipino-American, Energetic One-Man Show

Rich Kiamco is a dynamic comedian who discovered his love for comedy while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he did his first stand-up routine at a dorm talent contest. He became... Read More