Life Coaches

Life coaches are some of the most inspirational people in the world. They help clients realize their maximum potential and achieve things they never thought were possible. Life coaches speak to audiences and share some of the same principles that they address in one-on-one sessions. They can energize your group or organization with their message. 

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Jimmy Cabrera Professional Speaker, Life Coach, and Author

Jimmy Cabrera is a dynamic and energetic speaker, riveting his audience's attention through the very last sentence. Every presentation he gives is Jimmy's unique blend of motivation and education.... Read More

Shawn Harper Former NFL Football Player, Successful Businessman, Life Coach

Shawn Harper is widely recognized as one of the country's most promising motivational/inspirational speakers. Shawn, a former collegiate and seven-year professional football player, draws and captivat... Read More

Kathy Cleveland Bull Keynote Speaker and Life Coach

A highly regarded professional speaker, trainer, and consultant, Kathy Cleveland Bull consults on successful change strategies, organizational culture change and creating effective life balance for Fo... Read More

Lisa Thomas Business & Life Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

She began her mission as an author and poetess. In all her roles, she has worked extensively with print, television and radio media. She has been the featured poet at various North Carolina Borders bo... Read More

Chris Michaels Life Coach, National Speaker and Author

Chris Michaels, D.D., is a life coach, national speaker and author. He founded the Center for Spiritual Living in Kansas City, Missouri in 1990 and has served as its director for more than twenty year... Read More

Carol Ann Small Laughter with a Lesson

Carol Ann Small works with organizations that want to boost morale, reduce stress, and get their employees excited about coming to work. Carol Ann offers her clients a unique perspective on the benef... Read More

Tana Session Career and Life Strategist

Dr. Tana Session is a recognized expert in her field, has a best-selling book, and is a career/life strategist with certification. Her road to success was not straightforward it began when she was bo... Read More

Avalaura Gaither Life Coach & Intuitive Consultant CEO of Avalaura's Healing Center

Embrace all that you are in service to the world and to your highest and most incredible life -- the journey waits for no one it begins now! This is a challenge from Avalaura the internationally celeb... Read More

Rory T. Edwards Author, Educator, Empowerment Speaker, Life Coach

Rory T. Edwards is the author of the Life Changing Guide for Athletes, Coaches and Parents titled, “So you Want to be a Professional Athlete” A guide for Raising, Being and Coaching the Worlds next SU... Read More

Valorie Burton Life Strategist, Coach and CEO of Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute

Valorie Burton, a life strategist and international speaker, is CEO of the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute. Her life-changing message has an intriguing, research-based emphasis in th... Read More