3 Speaking Topics to Watch in 2022

To say the least, this past year has been transformative. The resurgence of in-person events, the rise of hybrid events, and the potential of virtual events have all been noticed. We are lucky to have a glimpse into the most popular speaking topics in our industry. Read on for the top three to keep... Read More

Virtual events are here to stay, even with the comeback of in-person events (which are in high demand). Many companies plan to organize even more online events in 2022 than they did in 2021, according to market signals.At least 48% of companies are expected to organize more virtual events, according... Read More

Sixty years ago, a 6-year-old girl was escorted to school by four tall, white federal marshals, oblivious to the significance of her steps.  Prominent keynote speaker Ruby Bridges' did not know that she would be among the first Black students in Louisiana to attend an all-white school when she... Read More

The 2021 Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance Hybrid Fall Conference was looking to garner more information on the secrets of communication from a body language keynote speaker. They found the perfect guest in keynote speaker Janine Driver.Driver dispelled common myths about body language in h... Read More

Keynote speaker Daymond John, a co-star of ABC's famous show "Shark Tank," gave a rap-laced lyrical presentation at MJBizCon. In it, he shared his five major pieces of business advice— all of which spelled out the word "Shark." “S: set your goal. You can’t hit a target you can’t see,” John, the... Read More

At Chaney High School, the Youngstown City School District began the second year of its new parent engagement program. The program was named YCSD Parent YOU or Parent University, and their featured speaker was legendary basketball coach and keynote speaker Ken Carter.  Coach Carter has been a c... Read More

Due to COVID, companies are trying to use the benefits of virtual features and plan more hybrid events. Hybrid events include both in-person and virtual aspects, so attendees of varying comfort levels can participate. There are no rules to hybrid event design, but there are a few things to keep in m... Read More

The best events always provide attendees with a sense of community. However, in 2021 and beyond, the average event attendee expects more events to provide the same sense of community. While this may involve more steps in your event preparation process, it may also result in a more loyal audience. No... Read More