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It is always important to have an open discussion in your organization about health and wellness. Governments want their citizens to be healthy and have access to affordable healthcare. Businesses want to make sure their employees are healthy so that they can perform at a high level for a sustained period. Health and wellness speakers come in many different shapes and sizes. They might be a doctor, fitness professional, nurse, EMT, or a medical researcher. 

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Top 10 Health and Wellness Speakers

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Aaron Horowitz Co-Founder & CEO of Sproutel

Aaron is a maker from sculptures to business, he is fascinated with the process of taking an idea from concep... Read More

Category: Technology Speakers , Health and Wellness Speakers , Healthcare Speakers

Aaron Kipnis Gender Expert

Aaron Kipnis is an international speaker and consultant on male psychology to myriad professional organization... Read More

Category: Health and Wellness Speakers

Ally Love Host, Model, Dancer, Peleton Instructor

Ally Love is a multifaceted woman who is credited with launching the slash generation. She is the in-arena pre... Read More

Category: Event Hosts , Models , Fitness Speakers

Ana Netanel Wellness Practitioner & Sound Healing Expert

Ana Netanel is an international wellness practitioner and instructor, specializing in the restorative and heal... Read More

Category: Health and Wellness Speakers

Ani Phyo Holistic Nutritionist & Plant-Based Raw Food Chef

Ani is the 2013 SoCal Gold Medalist in Powerlifting and is the world’s leading author on detox, superfoods, we... Read More

Category: Authors , Health and Wellness Speakers

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