Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity chefs are some of the world's top tastemakers. They establish food trends, often operate successful restaurants and become popular television personalities through cooking shows. Celebrity chefs are popular speakers for a variety of groups and their name recognition can really add some interest for your event. 

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Greg Richie Award-Winning Executive Chef and Partner of Thornton Park Restaurant Group

Greg Richie is Executive Chef and Partner of Thornton Park Restaurant Group. He is Executive Chef at Soco Restaurant and Baoery Asian Gastropub.He graduated with honors from the acclaimed Johnson and... Read More

Gary Danko Three-time James Beard Award Winning Chef

Gary Danko is one of America’s most talented and respected chefs. His success can be attributed to his many years of study and hard work combined with a natural ability to create dishes of elegance an... Read More

Geof Manthorne Chef; Best Known for Ace of Cakes

As one of the stars of the Food Network's hit reality show Ace of Cakes Geof Manthorne is known for his incredible cake creations and dry sardonic sense of humor. Viewers of the show have likened Geof... Read More

Gilles Epié Owner of Citrus Etoile; Youngest Chef to Receive the Michelin Star

Chef Epié started working at the age of 14 and trained with Roger Jaloux the iconic chef restaurant Paul Bocuse and Alain Senderens. He continued his career alongside Jean-Pierre Coffe at La Ciboulett... Read More

Gina Neely Celebrity Chef Former Host Down Home with the Neelys on the Food Network

Gina Neely burst onto the scene in 2008 by starring in the hit show Down Home with the Neelys which became the highest-rated series debut in the history of Food Network’s “In the Kitchen” block. The s... Read More

G. Garvin Celebrity Chef & Host of 'Roadtrip with G. Garvin' on The Cooking Channel

Acclaimed chef cookbook author television host James Beard nominee and philanthropist: all words that describe Chef Gerry Garvin simply known as G. Garvin. Chef Garvin started his culinary career as t... Read More

Gregg Wallace UK’s BBC Masterchef Judge

Best known for his expert judging of the hit BBC show MasterChef Gregg Wallace began as a market trader in Covent Garden selling vegetables as ‘George Allan’s Greengrocers’. Wallace grew this enterpri... Read More

Graham Elliot Celebrity Chef & Restaurateur Who is a Judge on Bravo's Top Chef

Graham Elliot is an award-winning chef restaurateur television personality and cookbook author. He is a judge on Bravo's Top Chef.In 2016 after 10 seasons with the MasterChef and MasterChef Jr. franch... Read More

Gail Simmons Culinary Expert Food Writer and TV Personality; Best Known as the Host of Bravo's Top Chef

Gail Simmons is a trained culinary expert food writer and dynamic television personality. Since the show’s inception in 2006 she has lent her extensive expertise as a permanent judge on BRAVO’s Emmy-w... Read More

Grant Achatz Award-Winning, Chef, Restaurateur and Cancer Survivor

Grant Achatz is a chef and restaurateur often recognized for his contributions to molecular gastronomy or progressive cuisine. His Chicago restaurant Alinea has won numerous accolades and Achatz himse... Read More