Innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are changing the way that businesses are run. Futurists understand these technologies and what is coming next. They can help your group or organization understand more about how your chosen industry is going to change in the coming years and what to expect in the future. 

Choosing the right futurist speaker can set your organization down a road to success. If you are interested in having a futurist speak at your company’s next event, conference, or retreat, then our team at Speaker Booking Agency can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today! 

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Tyler Ramsey Tyler's art can be seen on the widely popular TOMS Shoes.

Tyler Ramsey is not a paintbrush owner. Tyler can manipulate the colors on the canvas without the brush's influence by using his fingertips. Ramsey slams against the wall. In each work in Tyler's coll... Read More

Thomas Perls Geriatrician & Researcher in Human Exceptional Longevity at Boston University; Principal Investigator of the National Institute on Aging

Geriatrician and aging researcher Dr. Thomas Perls works at the Boston University School of Medicine. He is a world authority on human remarkable lifespan due to his knowledge of epidemiology, genetic... Read More

Ted Gonder Executive Director & Co-Founder of Moneythink

Ted Gonder is a member of the U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans and the co-founder and CEO of Moneythink, which promotes deterrent, transformational, and ev... Read More

Tod Machover Tod Machover is head of the MIT Media Lab's Hyperinstruments/Opera of the Future group.

The Los Angeles Times described Tod Machover as "America's most connected composer." He is praised for creating new music technologies, such as Hyperinstruments, which he introduced in 1986, and is re... Read More

Ted Schilowitz Futurist in Residence at Paramount Pictures

Ted Schilowitz serves as the resident Futurist at Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount Pictures. Schilowitz, the Futurist at Paramount Pictures, collaborated with the innovation teams of Paramount/Viac... Read More

Tanmay Bakshi Algorithmist Neural Network Architect and Author

Tanmay Bakshi is different from the typical young person you would encounter. When he was five years old and thinking about how his name may appear on his father's computer screen, the multi-year-old... Read More

Tara Brach Author Mindfulness Teacher

Lessons from Tara Brach combine Western brain science with deep Eastern practices, paying close attention to our inner lives and fully committing to our reality. As a result, a distinctive voice in We... Read More

Tim Sackett Executive Vice President HRU Technical Resources

Tim Sackett is the executive vice president of HRU Technical Resources, a temporary employment company situated in Lansing, Michigan, and founded by his mother. Tim is a corporate veteran with years o... Read More

Timothy Shriver Chairman and CEO of the Special Olympics

Tim Shriver is a business mogul, producer of motion pictures, and social crusader. He supports 5.3 million Special Olympics participants and their families in 170 countries as the Chairman of Special... Read More

Tom Goodwin EVP & Head of Innovation for Zenith Media & Author of Digital Darwinism

Digital Darwinism was written by Tom Goodwin, who also serves as EVP and Head of Innovation at Zenith Media. With more than 700,000 followers, he has won four times in Linkedin's Top Voice in Marketin... Read More