Innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are changing the way that businesses are run. Futurists understand these technologies and what is coming next. They can help your group or organization understand more about how your chosen industry is going to change in the coming years and what to expect in the future. 

Choosing the right futurist speaker can set your organization down a road to success. If you are interested in having a futurist speak at your company’s next event, conference, or retreat, then our team at Speaker Booking Agency can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today! 

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Top 10 Futurists

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Anne Ahola Ward O'Reilly Media Author, CEO of CircleClick Media

Anne Ahola Ward is an SEO, Futurist, and CEO of CircleClick Media, founded in 2009. She has nearly 20 years of... Read More

Category: Authors , Business Speakers , Futurists

Bart Basi Financial Analyst Tax Expert

Dr. Bart A. Basi an upstate New York native got his financial start as a youngster delivering newspapers and s... Read More

Category: Futurists

Bart Knols Scientist Author Entrepreneur

Bart Knols is a doctor committed to killing mosquitoes and ending malaria.Bart Knols is a malariologist with e... Read More

Category: Authors , Creativity Speakers , Futurists

Danil Prokhorov AI Project Leader and Research Manager

Dr. Danil Prokhorov started his research career in Russia. He studied system engineering which included course... Read More

Category: Futurists , Technology Speakers

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