Women's Speakers

Women's speakers are very prominent in today’s era of progressivism. Events like the Me Too Movement and Women's March have shined a greater light on their causes. Women often give speeches on things such as reproductive rights, women’s health, and women in politics and business. These presentations can be particularly inspiring for young women who are looking to see someone who represents them at the highest levels of society. Women's speakers are often lawyers, doctors, professors, or other professionals who understand what it is like for women to navigate the halls of power.

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Susan Butler Former Accenture Managing Partner and Women's Leadership Expert

One of the nation's foremost authorities on the issue of women's leadership development is Susan Bulkeley Butler. The concepts of Ms. Butler's book Become the CEO of You, Inc. are based on a four-part... Read More

Susan Carnahan Women's Speaker

She has worked in marketing, finance, and advertising for more than 20 years, but for the past 16 years, she has focused on speaking and inspiring skills. Speaking to more than 150,000 people annually... Read More

Shaunti Feldhahn Author of For Men Only and For Women Only

Shaunti Feldhahn is a nation wide syndicated columnist, research associate, and best-selling writer whose books have sold over 2 million copies in fifteen different languages. She has done MA in publi... Read More

Sandra Fluke Social Justice Advocate and Women's Health Expert

American attorney and women's rights advocate Sandra Fluke. When the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee debated whether medical insurance should have a contraception mandate in February 2... Read More

Sheena Allen Founder of CapWay & Sheena Allen Apps

Sheena Allen is best known as the creator and CEO of Sheena Allen Apps, a mobile application firm. Allen studied psychology and cinema at the University of Southern Mississippi. After leaving Wal-Mart... Read More

Sheila Walsh Worship Leader, TV Talk Show Host and Christian Women's Motivational Speaker

Sheila Walsh is a Scotswoman recognized as the encourager to the over 5.5 million ladies she has met and talked with all around the world. She enjoys being a Bible teacher because she enjoys making Go... Read More

Susan Colantuono CEO of Leading Women & Leadership Expert

Leading Women, one of the top consulting companies in the world that support business programs to promote women and reduce the leadership gender gap, is led by CEO Susan L. Colantuono. She established... Read More

Suleika Jaouad New York Times Bestselling Author of "Between Two Kingdoms"

Suleika Jaouad is an illness survivor, advocate, and author who has won an Emmy Award. She is the author of the well-known Life Interrupted segment and the focus of a going-with video piece in the New... Read More

Shayla Rivera STEM Education Advocate & Former NASA Rocket Scientist

Shayla Rivera is a former NASA rocket scientist turned marketer, corporate trainer, keynote speaker, TV personality, emcee, and comedian. Rivera, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, relies on her... Read More

Sarah Jakes Roberts Businesswoman, Media Personality, Motivational Speaker

Sarah Jakes is a strong-willed entrepreneur, author, and media personality who effortlessly juggles her family, profession, and charitable work. Sarah's work may be found in bookshops, online, and eve... Read More