Journalists and media personalities cover the world’s biggest stories across industries like business, politics and technology. They become experts in whatever they research and can make great speakers on a wide variety of topics. They are the greatest fact finders we have today and their knowledge can greatly impact your company, organization or group. 

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Tom DeFrank Journalist and Author, Contributing editor to "National Journal"

It has been said that Mr. DeFrank's reporting is "riveting." According to ABC News, he is "legendary," "excellent, well-connected, and influential." He is regarded as "one of the unsung stars of Washi... Read More

Tony Silvia Professor of Journalism and Media Studies Author

Tony Silvia has experience as a consumer reporter and news anchor in the television news industry. His most recent book, King of Blue Eyed Soul, is a biography of legendary rock and roll musician Feli... Read More

Thomas Frank American Political Analyst Historian & Journalist for Harper's Magazine

American political analyst, historian, writer, and columnist for Harper's Magazine Thomas Carr Frank was born on March 21, 1965. From 2008 to 2010, he contributed to The Tilting Yard column in the Wal... Read More

Tom Kizzia Alaskan Writer and Journalist; Pilgrim's Wilderness

Tom Kizzia spent a lot of time reporting from remote areas of Alaska for the Anchorage Daily News. Tom is a Hampshire College alumnus and a former Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. He w... Read More

Ted Fishman Journalist and Author

The best-selling book China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World, written by veteran journalist and former commodities trader Fishman, has helped to explain how... Read More

Thomas Pogge Philosopher Thomas Pogge wants to ensure medications get to those who need it most. He has published on a wide range of subjects such as global justice and human rights.

At Yale University, Thomas Pogge holds the Leitner Chair in Philosophy and International Affairs. Additionally, he holds the position of Research Director at the Centre for Study of Mind in Nature Uni... Read More

Tony Horwitz NY Times Best-Selling Author

Tony is a Washington, D.C., native. and a graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism as well as Brown University. Before turning to write full-time, he earned the Pulitzer Prize f... Read More

Tess Gerritsen Best-Selling Author of the Rizzoli & Isles Series

Tess Gerritsen, a writer of the highest caliber in the world, chose an unusual path to a career in writing. Former Stanford student Gerritsen afterward attended the University of California, San Franc... Read More

Tahl Raz NY Times Bestselling Author & Award-Winning Journalist

Tahl Raz is a top-rated author and recipient of grants, according to the New York Times. As a critical real-life partner, he advances straightforward narration that illuminates vital revolutionary con... Read More

Thomas DeFrank Legendary Journalist Best-Selling Author and Contributing Editor National Journal

He is one of the underappreciated Washington journalists, according to the American Journalism Review. He was listed as one of the greatest political ghostwriters in the nation by The New York Times.... Read More