Journalists and media personalities cover the world’s biggest stories across industries like business, politics and technology. They become experts in whatever they research and can make great speakers on a wide variety of topics. They are the greatest fact finders we have today and their knowledge can greatly impact your company, organization or group. 

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Dr. Max Gomez Medical Reporter Award-Winning Journalist & Board Member for American Heart Association

One of TVs most respected medical journalists Dr. Max Gomez has produced award-winning health and science segments for network stations in New York and Philadelphia.Dr. Max has reported for Dateline T... Read More

Donald M. Stinson Author Downstairs at the White House (The real-life story of a Teenager an Oval Office and a Ringside Seat to Watergate)

Don Stinson is the author of the best-selling memoir Downstairs at the White House. At the age of 17 he landed a job in the White House during Watergate the biggest political scandal in American histo... Read More

Dan Walters Expert on California Politics, Former Columnist at The Sacramento Bee

Dan Walters has been a journalist for nearly 57 years spending all but a few of those years working for California newspapers.He began his professional career in 1960 at age 16 at the Humboldt Times i... Read More

Dahlia Lithwick Canadian Writer and Editor

Dahlia Lithwick is a Canadian writer and editor who lives in the United States. Lithwick is a contributing editor at Newsweek and senior editor at Slate. She writes Supreme Court Dispatches and Jurisp... Read More

David France Director of Oscar-nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague; Award-winning Journalist Best-selling Author

Filmmaker David France is the director and co-writer of the Oscar-nominated and critically-acclaimed How to Survive a Plague the documentary about the early years of the AIDS epidemic. The film earned... Read More

Dr. Elizabeth Norman Professor of Humanities at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development; Author WOMEN AT WAR: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam 1965-1973

Elizabeth M. Norman is a Professor of Humanities at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development where she teaches graduate and doctoral level writing research design and dissert... Read More

Dr. Scilla Elworthy Founder of the Oxford Research Group

Scilla Elworthy Ph D founded Peace Direct in 2002 to fund promote and learn from peace-builders in conflict areas awarded 'Best New Charity' at the Charity Awards 2005.Previously Scilla founded the O... Read More

David Helvarg Environmental Activist Author and Journalist

David Helvarg is Executive Director of Blue Frontier ( an ocean conservation and policy group an accomplished public speaker and the author of six books: Blue Frontier The War Against th... Read More

David Brock Journalist, Author & Democratic Political Activist; Founder of Media Matters for America

David Brock is a widely published author and Democratic activist. In 2004, Brock founded Media Matters, the nation’s premier media watchdog. Following the 2010 elections, Brock founded the Democrat... Read More

David Cay Johnston Investigative Reporter and Author

David Cay Johnston, long one of America's top investigative reporters, engages audiences with his tales of the people who are reshaping our economy and his plain English explanations of complex govern... Read More