Inspiration & Motivation Speakers

Everyone can use some inspiration and motivation. Some of the most in-demand speakers in the world specialized in these two categories. Inspiration and motivation speakers can be top leaders, activists and life coaches. They leave the audiences they talk to with a new outlook on life. 

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T. Morgan Dixon Co-Founder & CEO of GirlTrek; Women's Health Advocate

GirlTrek, the largest general welfare nonprofit in the country for African-American women and young women, is co-driven by T Morgan Dixon. GirlTrek encourages women to use walking as a practical first... Read More

T.A. Hamilton Magician Ventriloquist Comedian entertaining and dazzling audiences nationwide

T.A. Hamilton is an expert in using enchantment to deliver a strong impact and drastically spectacular execution. Fortune 500 companies, schools, churches, and theatres around the country regularly hi... Read More

T.D. Jakes Evangelistic Leader and Bishop of The Potter's House

Diocesan T. D. Jakes is the head minister of The Potter's House, a global humanitarian organization and 30000-member church in Dallas. He is a charismatic pioneer, visionary, challenging academic, and... Read More

Tadashi Shoji Fashion Designer Known for his Evening Wear & Bridal Collections

Tadashi Shoji is a Japanese-style architect with an American background who is renowned for designing honored pathways and nightwear and bridal collections. In addition to having trademark boutiques i... Read More

Tag Warner CEO of The Gay Times

Label Warner, a media personality and business figure, became the CEO of Gay Times, a leading global media company, in January 2019 at 24. The Label is passionate about transforming Europe's longest-r... Read More

Tal Golesworthy Tal Golesworthy is an engineer and entrepreneur working in research and development of combustion and air pollution control -- until he decided to innovate in his own health.

Tal Golesworthy is a skilled businessman and designer who extended into bio-building because of his enlarged aorta. His company is now reserving the creative work of devices that will assist people wi... Read More

Talib Kweli Emcee / Activist / Co-Owner of Blacksmith Music Label

The rapper from Brooklyn made a name for himself as one of the the most lyrically talented, socially conscious, and politically astute rappers to appear in the previous 20 years. "I perform in public.... Read More

Tamara Levitt Author & Mindfulness Instructor

The Head of Mindfulness at Calm, Tamara Levitt, creates, delivers, and instructs the company's contemplation and care programs. Tamara has always been an investigator seeking solutions to help us bett... Read More

Tamara Mellon Former Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo

Tamara Mellon began her career in public relations at Phyllis Walters Mirabella before becoming the accessories editorial manager for British Vogue in 1990. To grow a ready-to-wear shoe company, frill... Read More

Tamara Roukaerts Tamara is Director of TRM&C - a business that provides strategic marketing support to high growth high tech companies.

Her last position was Head of Marketing at expanded reality start-up Aurasma, now an HP company. In two years, she promoted the stage, bringing it to more than 15000 corporate partners and 4,000,000 c... Read More