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Salam Fayyad Former Prime Minister of Palestine; Consultant on Foreign Affairs & International Security

Former Palestinian Authority prime minister and economist Salam Fayyad. During his time with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from 1987 to 2001, he held the position of resident representative in... Read More

Sam Ball Sam Ball is a country boy who became a NCAA consensus All-American an NFL 1st round draft choice Super Bowl World Champion and award-winning agri-business salesman.

Country lad Sam Ball graduated from the University of Kentucky as a unanimous All-American, was selected in the first round of the NFL Draft, and won the Super Bowl with the Baltimore Colts. Sam went... Read More

Sam Cawthorn Winner of the young Australian of the Year 2009 for Tasmania and a catalyst for change. He will engage inspire & empower with just one arm.

Sam is the CEO of [Empowering Businesses] and a thought leader who has been highlighted in USA Today and The New York Times. He is skilled at both rebounding and forward bouncing. He won Tasmania's Yo... Read More

Samy Nour Younes Transgender Activist Actor & TED Resident

Actor and activist Samy Nour Younes are of Lebanese and Puerto Rican origin. He now resides in Brooklyn and performs all around the country, but he is originally from Maryland. Samy is also known as S... Read More

Saundra Dalton-Smith Physician Award Winning-Author named as a Top 100 Medical Expert by Good Housekeeping

Saundra inspires masses to live emancipated from mental barriers, dread, uncertainty, and previous psychological weight with a heart of sympathy and love for uplifting. She has coupled her training in... Read More

Scott Marcus Scott now refers to himself as a THINspirational Speaker because he started speaking professionally after finally losing 70 pounds and keeping it off since 1994.

Scott refers to himself as a "THINspirational Speaker" since he started speaking with authority after losing 70 pounds and keeping them off since 1994. He currently works with people and organizations... Read More

Scott Mercier Former Olympic Cyclist

The first step to the Olympics is to have a dream, which is then fulfilled by dedication, penance, diligence, and the ability to go above and beyond what other people are willing to accomplish. After... Read More

Scott Q Marcus THINspirational Speaker & Recovering Perfectionist

Q Scott If you count all the weight Marcus of Eureka, California, has lost (and gained back), he has dropped 2327 pounds. Scott now refers to himself as a "THINspirational Speaker" since he started sp... Read More

Scott Stossel Editor of The Atlantic; NY Times Best-Selling Author of My Age of Anxiety: Fear Hope Dread and the Search for Peace of Mind

The editor of The Atlantic magazine and author of the New York Times bestsellers My Age of Anxiety Fear Hope Dread and the Quest for Peace of Mind and Sarge the Life and Times of Sargent Shriver, Scot... Read More

Seane Corn International Yoga Teacher & Activist

Yoga instructor Seane Corn is well-known worldwide for her passionate advocacy, unique self-articulation, and upbeat teaching methods. Advertised in publications like NPR and, Seane now uses... Read More

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