Inspiration & Motivation Speakers

Everyone can use some inspiration and motivation. Some of the most in-demand speakers in the world specialized in these two categories. Inspiration and motivation speakers can be top leaders, activists and life coaches. They leave the audiences they talk to with a new outlook on life. 

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S. Lee Merritt Attorney & Activist Dubbed The People's Lawyer; Founder of Merrit Law Firm

Lee Merritt is a lawyer and activist who has been denied permission to practice law in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas, as well as in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Distri... Read More

Sabeer Bhatia Sabeer Bhatia is an entrepreneur and founder of NanoCity and sits on the board of directors of several companies as well as advises start-ups

Entrepreneur and creator of NanoCity, Sabeer Bhatia, provides startup advice. He wants to imitate Silicon Valley's dynamism and innovation eco-system with NanoCity. In 1968, Bhatia was born in India.... Read More

Sabrina Bensawan Co-Founder of Saab Shares Supporting Children’s Education Healthcare & Female Empowerment.

To offer housing, part-time schooling, and access to healthcare for the nation's poorest children and low-income families, Sabrina and Elena Bensawan, sisters, launched Saab Shares. Saab Sharing is an... Read More

Sabrina Greenlee Inspirational Women's Speaker and Mother of NFL Star DeAndre Hopkins

SABRINA GREENLEE is a CEO, advocate, and an inspirational speaker whose national platform has reached and served thousands. From a struggling single mother to a successful entrepreneur, Sabrina has li... Read More

Sabrina Osso TEDx Speaker Domestic Violence Advocate & Consultant

In addition to speaking about domestic abuse and encouraging safety in the workplace, schools, and residential settings, Sabrina Osso is also a real estate agent. She has had a lot of experience with... Read More

Sabrina Weill Expert on Teenagers

Author Sabrina Weill's third book, The Real Truth about Teenagers and Sex, reveals to parents what is happening in their children's hearts, brains, and bedrooms. In collaboration with The National Cam... Read More

Sadiq Miah Sadiq is 24 years old and the Founding Director of Future Voices International

Sadiq, 24, is the founder and director of Future Voices International, a ground-breaking grassroots initiative that gives young people living in poverty a voice. A cascade-training initiative called F... Read More

Safeena Husain Founder and Executive Director of Educate Girls

Safeena has a wealth of experience working with underprivileged rural and urban areas in South America, Africa, and Asia. However, Safeena decided to pursue the cause nearest to her heart after return... Read More

Sahar Delijani Sahar Delijani was born in Iran and grew up in California. Her debut novel Children of the Jacaranda Tree will be published in more than 70 countries and translated into 25 languages.

Sahar Delijani began attending a middle school in the seventh grade. Delijani received admission to the University of California Berkeley in 2002, where she majored in comparative literature and gradu... Read More

Sahle-Work Zewde First Woman President of Ethiopia

Sahle-Work Zewde began her lengthy career in diplomacy as ambassador to Senegal when she joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1988. She also has accreditations to Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cap... Read More