How to Keep Engagement and Combat Zoom Fatigue

It is difficult to imagine getting through the previous year without Zoom or other virtual platforms. However, for businesses, platforms like Zoom can be both good and bad. Since virtual meetings have become popular, there has been a widespread feeling of exhaustion, forcing people to find ways to combat Zoom fatigue.

A few key factors can cause Zoom fatigue. These factors include prolonged eye contact, more time staring at yourself, less mobility, and overstimulation. If these stressors are not handled, this can result in less productivity and lower retention rates. It is important to recognize how too much digital interaction can be harmful and how to set limits. So, how can you use digital tools to improve your business while reducing Zoom fatigue? The following are some suggestions: keep virtual meetings to a minimum (if possible) and provide other meeting alternatives.

Meeting Overload

Most professionals tend to receive several requests for virtual meetings. Especially with a longer workday, too many virtual meetings can hinder productivity. Businesses that use Zoom should do so with caution. It is best to consider if the meeting will be necessary or if an email will suffice. Meeting hosts should also be selective in who they invite to their meeting to avoid additional attendees. 

Avoid Distractions

During a video conference, meeting hosts should encourage attendees to familiarize themselves with the platform's settings and display options. When appropriate, cameras should also be off when attendees are not speaking. This will help to prevent unwanted distractions and make the setting more comfortable for the attendees. It is easy to become sidetracked by too many stimuli when Zoom is such a big part of our lives. Taking numerous glances at ourselves during a meeting over a long period can be damaging. Everyone will be able to focus more on the speaker if their cameras are off.


Video conferences should be brief and to the point. It can become very difficult to keep people’s attention once you have spoken for over 45 minutes. Consider incorporating enjoyable elements, such as weekly themes, to help increase engagement. Allow everyone, for example, to change their background for a meeting or participate in a survey. This creates a more interactive environment that includes all the attendees.

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