Data Shows Virtual Events Are Here To Stay

Aug 26 2020
Carson Ingle

Virtual events are a relatively new format, but recent data shows that they have some staying power. It is true that an overwhelming percentage of events before the coronavirus was held in-person, but the necessity to adapt has opened eyes to exciting new ways to engage audiences. 

Even many virtual keynote speakers are finding the format easier to schedule and as a result, are not charging as much for their presentations. That means that clients are getting the best bang for their buck with digital events, just another added bonus. 

Recently, Bizzabo, a virtual events platform software company, did a study, looking a propriety data collected from over 200 virtual events held during March and June. One of the biggest positives they concluded from their research was that virtual sessions tend to actually be more interactive

58 percent of the events they looked at relied heavily on audience engagement. Much of that can be attributed to keeping these types of sessions more intimate and other factors include allowing registrants the opportunity to participate in activities like Q&As with a virtual keynote speaker.  

Another encouraging trend involves the time that someone actually watches a virtual event. Bizzabo attendees watch, on average, 68 percent of an event, which means that marketers are creating the right experiences that keep people engaged.

Among other interesting stats to look at is that 80 percent of event planners are offering free registrations, which means they are still trying to get their audience to adapt to this new normal. Virtual events that do charge have not nailed down a consistent ticket price, proof again that the market is still adjusting. 

Regardless, there is no question that digital events are growing in popularity and some people will even adapt them once larger, in-person events are more permissible. Hybrid events should also take off in popularity, which is something we have also seen people start to request as a way to cut costs on some speakers. 

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