Book a Virtual Speaker

Virtual speaking engagements are an increasingly popular way to deliver unique experiences to many different audiences. The world’s top entertainment stars and a host of other presenters have also gravitated towards this form of communication.

Speaker Booking Agency books these individuals for virtual meetings, webinars, video conferences, Zoom meetings and other types of engagements. Countless organizations, non-profits, church groups and event planners have already found these options as great ways to inspire and motivate.

These are just three of the main benefits related to hiring a virtual speaker:

1. They come at a discount

Virtual events are more affordable for a variety of reasons, including speaker costs. Talent may charge up to 50% less their normal rate for an in-person appearance.

2. Scheduling is easier

Hiring a virtual speaker eliminates any sort of travel concerns. That significantly reduces the speaker’s time commitment and may help with any personality that is normally unavailable.

3. They foster a more organic conversation

Virtual speakers can actually grab the audience’s attention more than they would if they are in-person. Virtual speaking engagements are highly conversational and many speakers who are comfortable in this setting like to take questions from moderators and the audience.

With all these concerns mitigated, virtual events maximize your flexibility as an event planner or business leader. Your Zoom meetings and webinars can create a lasting memory for your group that looks quite different from a regular, in-person speaking engagement.

If you are excited at the possibility of booking a virtual speaker, look at some of the top names that have become leaders in this format. You can also review our database to find the right person for your audience and budget.

As soon as you have zeroed in on a speaker, please fill out our Booking Request Form. Once received, one of our booking agents typically gets back to you with information on fees and availability within two hours.

Our agents also are experts when it comes to making suggestions, so feel free to call us at 1-888-752-5831 if you need assistance in choosing a speaker. Let our over 20 years of experience guide you on the road to hiring a great virtual speaker!