Innovation Speaker John Krubski Believes Virtual Meetings Can Be More Effective

Mar 31 2020

Count leading innovation speaker John Krubski as someone who believes that virtual meetings can actually be more effective than the traditional in-person set-up. In light of the coronavirus, many companies and organizations are now taking this approach and they are interested in booking virtual keynote speakers for their webinars. 

Even though conference rooms can no longer be packed full, the message of a speaker can still be felt in a digital space. The spirit of collaboration garnered from a productive meeting can also even be enhanced as workers complete their tasks remotely. 

"As the business world moves towards virtual meetings out of necessity, I fear we might just miss the really big opportunity," says Krubski. "I believe that, done right, digital meetings can actually be more powerful and productive than same-room meetings. I have seen that happen over and over." 

Krubski's team recently put together a very helpful video that shares several reasons why virtual meetings can be effective and some common mistakes to avoid when using this format that is becoming the new normal. 

Here are three factors the video covers that give virtual meetings an edge over their face-to-face counterparts. 

1. The Safety of Digital Solitude

A virtual meeting puts up a barrier, but that does not mean it squashes the flow of ideas. Much like people are freer to speak their minds when posting to social media, employees are more likely to contribute in a bold way in front of their screens. 

2. Permission to Think Out Loud 

Just the presence of others makes thinking a cautious activity. Even though staff members are not alone during a virtual meeting, the simulated feeling of isolation is enough to get some creative thought patterns going. 

3. Access to Collective Native Intelligence

When participating in an in-person meeting, we limit our contribution to our specific job function. Away from those constructs, people open up and might have an idea that impacts another area of the company. 

Krubski is also taking virtual speaking engagements to talk about the ways our world is being affected by the coronavirus. He is well-respected, with over 25 years as a prescriptive futurist, innovation leader and small business expert. 

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