Political Commentators

Want to understand the political process better? Want a better look into cultural and demographic trends? Need to get a better grip on political movements that are changing the country? If so, then you might want to book a political commentator. Political commentators are skilled at their analysis of current events and their ability to decipher complex government jargon. Booking a political commentator can give your organization better insight into new political movements. Political commentators are often campaign professionals or even retired politicians themselves, so they have a first-person view of the political process. 

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Susan Page USA Today Washington Bureau Chief

Susan Page is the chief of USA Today's award-winning Washington bureau, where she focuses on politics and the White House. Susan has covered ten presidential elections as well as six White House admin... Read More

Stanley Greenberg World-Renowned Pollster and New York Times Best-Selling Author Elects and Advises National Leaders with a Deep Knowledge of Social and Economic Currents

Described by the media as the De Niro of all political consultants operates as a type of peoples truth squad one of the most influential people of the 21st century with a roster of clientele thats a w... Read More

Sally Kohn Founder & CEO of Movement Vision Lab Liberal Political Commentator & Community Organizer

Sally Kohn is the presenter of the State of Resistance podcast and the author of The Opposite of Hate (Alagonquin, April 2018). The Washington Post has published some of Sally's writings. New York Mag... Read More

Steve Clemons Editor at Large for The Hill

The Hill's Washington editor at large is Steve Clemons. He formerly worked for The Atlantic as the editor of Atlantic Live. He regularly writes on politics and global affairs. Clemons is a senior fell... Read More

Steven Crowder Fox News' Commentator Social Media Expert Comedian and Political Entertainer

Steven Crowder is a previous reporter at As Fox News. Known for his splendid interesting and Conservative psyche Steven is a backbone in the realms of TV parody and writing. Before being gotten as one... Read More

S.E. Cupp Conservative Columnist Best-Selling Author & CNN Commentator

The editorial creator and analyst, S.E., is a traditionalist. Her book Losing Our Faith was published. Co-author of the book Why You're Wrong About the Right and co-author of The Leftist Media's Assau... Read More

Scott Atlas Health Policy Advisor, Member of the Coronavirus Task Force and Senior Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution

Scott William Atlas, a distinguished American radiologist, political commentator, and health care policy advisor, has made significant contributions across the realms of medicine, education, and publi... Read More

Shepard Smith Former Chief News Anchor and Managing Editor of Fox News Breaking News Division

Shepard Smith is a broadcast journalist from the United States. He joined Fox News Channel in 1996 and is best known as the former chief anchor and managing editor of its breaking news division. Smith... Read More

Susan Rice Former National Security Advisor and Head of White House Domestic Policy Council

Ambassador Susan E. Rice is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and a Distinguished Visiting Research Fell... Read More

Stacey Abrams Political Leader and Nonprofit CEO

Stacey Abrams is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, charity CEO, and political leader. After eleven years in the Georgia House of Representatives, seven as Minority Leader, Abrams was elected... Read More