Political Commentators

Want to understand the political process better? Want a better look into cultural and demographic trends? Need to get a better grip on political movements that are changing the country? If so, then you might want to book a political commentator. Political commentators are skilled at their analysis of current events and their ability to decipher complex government jargon. Booking a political commentator can give your organization better insight into new political movements. Political commentators are often campaign professionals or even retired politicians themselves, so they have a first-person view of the political process. 

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Lisa Myers Senior Investigative Correspondent NBC News

Lisa Myers is an Emmy Award-winning senior investigative correspondent for NBC News a seasoned political analyst and one of the most respected journalists in the country. Her groundbreaking reports on... Read More

Laura Coates CNN Legal Analyst Host Commentator and Best Selling Author

Laura Coates is a CNN Legal Analyst have reporter and top of the line creator. She is likewise a compelling voice in the media and host on SiriusXM's Insight and Urbanview channels. Her analysis feeli... Read More

Lauren Duca Award-winning Journalist Political Columnist at Teen Vogue & Author

Lauren Duca is a reporter at Teen Vogue composing the distribution's political section Thigh-High Politics. Already Duca has added to Huffington Post Vice Complex New York Magazine Brooklyn Magazine P... Read More

Linda Hirshman Supreme Court Lawyer Renowned Expert on Social Change in America & Author

Linda Hirshman is an acclaimed Supreme Court lawyer progressive political pundit and author. Her 2015 title Sisters in Law tells the fascinating story of the intertwined lives of Sandra Day O'Connor a... Read More

Leonard Garment LEONARD GARMENT's first career was as a jazz saxophonist working with such luminaries as Billie Holiday and Woody Herman.

In the wake of moving on from Brooklyn Law School where he was editorial manager in head of the Brooklyn Law Review Garment started his law vocation in 1949 with the firm that later became Nixon Mudge... Read More

Lanny Davis Crisis Manager and Former Counsel to President Bill Clinton

Lanny Davis is an American political operative, lawyer, consultant, lobbyist, author, and television commentator. He is the co-founder and partner of the law firm of Davis Goldberg & Galper PLLC, and... Read More

LaTosha Brown Co-Founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund

LaTosha is a fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government's Institute of Politics and a contributor to The New York Times op-ed page. LaTosha is a co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, an or... Read More

Leo Terrell Renowned Civil Rights Attorney, Author of "Your Rights at the Work Place: The Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You"

Leo James Terrell (conceived February 1, 1955) is an American social liberties lawyer and live radio personality situated in Los Angeles, California. Already a deep-rooted Democrat, in a July 2020 mee... Read More

Lara Trump A Pioneering Voice in Political Campaigning and Media | Campaign Advisor to President Donald Trump

Lara Trump, a figure synonymous with the confluence of media and politics, has carved a niche for herself as a campaign advisor to Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. Her journey fr... Read More

Liz Cheney Former U.S. Representative and Advocate for Democracy

Liz Cheney is a former U.S. Representative for Wyoming and a prominent conservative voice in American politics. She is a strong advocate for conservative values and is known for her unwavering commitm... Read More