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Mental health issues are a significant problem for a large percentage of the population. They have been hidden behind stigmas for a long time, but there is a greater conversation happening now about how to tackle these issues. Mental health professionals are helping people get the assistance they need in order to live fulfilling lives. Having a mental health speaker at your next corporate event or function can help your employees fully understand how therapists, psychologists and other mental health professionals work. It can also help them understand the resources that they have available at their disposal. 

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Top 10 Mental Health Speakers

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Eddie Ndopu Disability Rights Advocate

Eddie Ndopu, a renowned South African disability rights advocate, celebrated for his role as one of the sevent... Read More

Category: Activists , Healthcare Speakers , Mental Health Speakers

Elyn Saks Mental Health Law Professor, Researcher and Author

Author of the highly engrossing memoir about her battle with schizophrenia, The Center Cannot Hold: My Jour... Read More

Category: Professors , Mental Health Speakers

Emi Nietfeld Software Engineer, Writer, and Author of Acceptance

Emi Nietfeld penned Acceptance (Penguin Press ‘22), a memoir that chronicles her experience in foster care and... Read More

Category: Mental Health Speakers , Software Engineers , Creativity Speakers

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