Journalists and media personalities cover the world’s biggest stories across industries like business, politics and technology. They become experts in whatever they research and can make great speakers on a wide variety of topics. They are the greatest fact finders we have today and their knowledge can greatly impact your company, organization or group. 

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Top 10 Journalists

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Gabrielle Glaser Author Award-winning Journalist

Gabrielle Glaser is an author and award-winning journalist who writes frequently about issues of addiction and... Read More

Category: Authors , Inspirational Speakers , Journalists

Gadi Schwartz NBC News Correspondent

Gadi Schwartz is a general assignment reporter for NBC4 Southern California. An award-winning journalist he re... Read More

Category: Journalists

Gail Sheehy Author of Daring: My Passages and the NY Times Bestseller Passages

Gail Sheehy is an icon of American journalism a sought-after speaker and groundbreaking pioneer for women. The... Read More

Category: Authors , Journalists

Galina Timchenko Executive Editor Meduza

Timchenko was born in Moscow on May 8 1962. She graduated from the 3rd Moscow Medical Institute. From 1997 to... Read More

Category: Journalists

Garrett Gee Creator of the "Scan" App, Entrepreneur, Journalist

Garrett Gee is the founder and creator of the "Scan" app. Gee claims that his idea for Scan was conceived when... Read More

Category: Business Speakers , Entrepreneur Speakers , Journalists

Gary Shteyngart Award-Winning Author

Compared with most young novelists his age who tend toward cutesy involution Shteyngart is a giant mounted on... Read More

Category: Authors , Business Speakers , Inspirational Speakers

Gary Tuchman CNN National Correspondent

Gary Tuchman is a CNN national correspondent based in Atlanta having joined the network in 1990.He is a staff... Read More

Category: Journalists

Gary Younge Author Broadcaster & Editor-at-Large for The Guardian

Gary Younge is an author broadcaster and editor-at-large for The Guardian based in London. He also writes a mo... Read More

Category: Authors , Journalists

Genevieve Valentine Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer

Genevieve Valentine’s first novel Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti won the 2012 Crawford Award and... Read More

Category: Authors , Journalists

Geoff Colvin Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune Magazine, and Author

Geoff Colvin is an award-winning thinker, author, broadcaster, and speaker on the most significant trends and... Read More

Category: Business Speakers , Editors , Economy and Finance Speakers

Geoff Keighley Journalist

Newsweek dubs him Mike Wallace meets Kurt Loder for the videogame generation. The Wall Street Journal calls hi... Read More

Category: Journalists

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