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Welcome to our curated collection of Inspiration & Motivation Speakers, where we feature remarkable individuals who have the power to ignite passion and inspire positive change. At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we take pride in connecting event organizers and companies with motivational Keynote, Inspirational, and Motivational speakers who share life-changing stories and valuable insights.

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Henry Marsh Four-Time Olympian; Founder of MonaVie

Henry Marsh is the most prolific distance runner in USA history. In 1988 he became the second male runner to make four US Olympic Teams. He culminated his career with 13 straight years as one of the t... Read More

Hilary Rosen Political Analyst & Democratic Strategist Times-Up Legal Defense Fund Co-Founder

Hilary Rosen is a Democratic strategist who serves as a political commentator for CNN appearing across the network's programming and special political coverage. Hilary is a well-known strategist who n... Read More

Holly Pasut Speaker Author Blogger and Former Real Estate Broker; Shares lessons learned while in Federal Prison

At times without intention or awareness, People commit felonies every day. It doesn't sound glamorous but it's a necessary conversation especially before it is too late. The real estate mortgage and w... Read More

Hyler Bracey Author of Managing from the Heart Former CEO and Chairman of The Atlanta Consulting Group

He is past CEO and Chairman of The Atlanta Consulting Group and for the past 30 years has been actively involved in transforming some of the world's greatest organizations: UPS McDonald's Swiss Air Gr... Read More

Harley Pasternak Fitness Expert

As the best-selling author of 5-Factor Fitness and 5-Factor Diet and as a renowned fitness and nutrition expert Pasternak has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show The Tyra Banks Show Access Hollywood Ex... Read More

Heather Abbott Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Amputee & Founder of The Heather Abbot Foundation

On April 15 2013 what is referred to as Marathon Monday in Boston Heather Abbott of Newport RI set out on an annual tradition with six friends. They would attend the Red Sox game followed by a walk ov... Read More

Heidi Hanna Author of Stressaholic and Expert on Nutrition & Exercise

As a global speaker and consultant Heidi has trained thousands of individuals on practical ways to incorporate nutrition exercise and positive psychology strategies to improve their health productivit... Read More

Henry Rollins Actor Musician Writer Activist

The keynotes by Henry Rollins focus on education and the potential of learning. Henry is a former frontman for Black Flag and he works as a journalist and activist to make the United States a better p... Read More

Howard Gardner Renowned Developmental & Cognitive Psychologist, Father of Multiple Intelligences Theory and Professor Harvard Graduate School of Education

Everything can be taught in more than one way – and everyone has multiple ways of thinking and learning. This theory of multiple intelligences which Howard Gardner first introduced more than 30 years... Read More

Huda Essa TEDx Speaker, Founder of Culture Links and DEI Consultant for Educators

Huda Essa has positively influenced countless communities around the nation through her engaging and thought-provoking learning opportunities. Huda utilizes her extensive experience as a Cultural Comp... Read More

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