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Bear Grylls Adventurer Author and Host of Man Vs. Wild

Man Vs. Wild host author and seasoned adventurer Bear Grylls began a lifetime of exploration at an early age. Bear grew up on the Isle of Wight and as a young boy would go mountain climbing with his f... Read More

Ben Silbermann Co-Founder & CEO of Pinterest

Ben Silbermann is an American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded and is CEO of Pinterest a virtual pinboard which lets users organize images recipes and other things. The website allows users to cre... Read More

Bill Maher Political Satirist & Host of HBO's Real Time

For the last twenty-three years Bill Maher has set the boundaries of where funny political talk can go on American television. First on Politically Incorrect (Comedy Central ABC 1993-2002) and for the... Read More

Brett Eldredge Country Singer Known for Don't Ya and Lose My Mind

Country up-and-comer Brett Eldredge has always been attracted to singers a fact that should come as no surprise to anyone who’s heard the Illinois native’s soulful distinctive baritone. “I always grav... Read More

Beau Lotto Founder & CEO of the Lab of Misfits; Professor of Neuroscience at University of London Goldsmiths College

Dr Beau Lotto is the Founder of the Lab of Misfits the world’s first neuro-design studio. The lab creates unique ‘experiential-experiments’ that places the public at the centre of the process of disco... Read More

Bryan Fogel Academy Award-Winning Film Director Producer Author & Playwright Known for Jewtopia & Icarus

Bryan Fogel has appeared as a keynote speaker comedian and performer at well over 100 fundraisers for major organizations corporations universities and schools across the U.S. and Canada to rave revie... Read More

Bryan Adams Canadian musician

Bryan Adams is a renowned international singer-songwriter who hails from Canada. Some of his best known songs are ‘Heaven’, ‘Everything I Do’ and ‘Here I Am’, to name a few. He had an innate interest... Read More

Bonnie Raitt Grammy-winning Country and Blues singer known for hits like "I Can't Make You Love Me"

Bonnie Raitt was born November 8, 1949 and is an American blues singer-songwriter, born in Burbank, California. During the 1970s, Raitt released a series of acclaimed roots-influenced albums which inc... Read More

Bobby McFerrin 10-time Grammy Award-Winning Musician; Conductor Known For "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

For decades Bobby McFerrin has broken all the rules. The 10-time Grammy winner has blurred the distinction between pop music and fine art, goofing around barefoot in the world's finest concert halls,... Read More

Brooke Shields Actress & Mental Health Advocate

Brooke Shields, known for her roles in Blue Lagoon and Suddenly Susan, is a highly accomplished television, film, and theater actress as well as businesswoman, author, and model. Shields became an in... Read More