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Welcome to our handpicked selection of Health & Wellness Speakers, where we showcase inspiring individuals who are dedicated to cultivating well-being and promoting healthy lifestyles. At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we take pride in connecting event organizers and companies with transformative Keynote, Motivational, and Inspirational speakers who share invaluable insights to empower individuals and organizations alike.

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Salvatore Fichera Professional Speaker exercise physiologist and certified trainer Sal Fichera is uniquely qualified to speak on topics of health fitness and mind/body synergy.

Salvatore Fichera has delivered lectures on various health topics at businesses, universities, and health clubs. He has participated actively in a Toastmasters International chapter in New York City,... Read More

Sarah Hartwick Founder and Marketing Director of SURFSET Fitness

In less than three years, Sarah Hartwick and her husband Mike have expanded SURFSET from a $5,000 investment to multi-million dollar profits. When Sarah & Mike competed on ABC's Shark Tank, Mark Cuban... Read More

Sasha Andreev Actor; Emcee; Host of HGTV's Curb Appeal

From St. Petersburg, Russia, originally the host of the HGTV programs Curb Appeal and Operation Build, as well as in several advertisements and free movies, Sasha Andreev has become a familiar face on... Read More

Seane Corn International Yoga Teacher & Activist

Yoga instructor Seane Corn is well-known worldwide for her passionate advocacy, unique self-articulation, and upbeat teaching methods. Advertised in publications like NPR and, Seane now uses... Read More

Seun Adebiyi Impossible Dreams Conqueror

Seun Adebiyi was diagnosed with cancer and leukemia just weeks after leaving Yale Law School and starting work as a fence investments investigator. The move of an undifferentiated cell was his most ap... Read More

Shawn Rene Zimmerman Professional Fitness Model and Celebrity Trainer

Shawn Rene Zimmerman is a World Fitness Champion, Miss Fitness USA, and a Fitness Champion! In addition, she is a top International Fitness Cover Model. Inside Fitness Magazine and STATUS Fitness Maga... Read More

Sherry Granader She is a nationally recognized speaker nutritionist author writer of 2 monthly columns spokesperson for Cal-Max on radio every single day.

She is a nationally famous speaker, nutritionist, author of two monthly columns, and daily radio spokeswoman for Cal-Max. She is the QVC television On-Air Nutritionist in the United States, Canada, an... Read More

Shree Bose Grand Prize Winner of the First Google Global Science Fair; Cancer Researcher

Shree Bose, a biology and medical student, was named both the winner of the 17-18 year old age group and the Grand Prize winner of the first Google Global Science Fair in 2011. Bose participated in th... Read More

Sighi Drassinower MD Physician and Weight-Loss Consultant

Power comes from knowledge. This is the slogan of Dr. Sighi Drassinower, a physician and weight management counselor who has helped thousands of individuals lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Sighi thin... Read More

Stacey Antine Author of Appetite for Life & Founder HealthBarn USA

Stacey Antine started HealthBarn USA Inc., the pioneer in proven hands-on healthy living education for children and their families, after becoming concerned about the lengthy list of lifestyle problem... Read More

Our Health & Wellness Speakers are experts in their fields, delivering captivating presentations that focus on physical health, mental well-being, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and more. Their engaging talks leave audiences motivated to prioritize their health and embrace balanced lifestyles.

Whether you're hosting a health-focused event, a corporate wellness workshop, or a conference centered around well-being, our talented speakers bring passion and expertise to deliver impactful presentations that resonate with your audience. Partner with SBA and elevate your audience's well-being to new heights. Book your Health & Wellness Speaker now and inspire positive changes in lives.