Health & Wellness Speakers

The health and wellness of people are vitally important in every part of the world. People who specialize in this industry include doctors, fitness professionals, and healthcare experts, Health and wellness speakers give people the tools to take care of themselves. They leave audiences inspired and ready to live their best lives.

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Gaard Swanson Host of Generation Renovation HGTV

Gaard who is a native of San Francisco came to KIRO Television from Fox Sports Northwest where he worked as the primary anchor. Prior to Fox Sports Northwest Gaard worked as a weeknight sportscaster a... Read More

Gabby Reece Beach Volleyball Champion First Female Spokeswoman for Nike Creator of HIGHX New York Times Best Selling Author Model and Actress.

Dubbed one of the world’s sexiest athletes former Women’s Beach Volleyball League star and fitness icon Gabrielle Reece also known as Gabby possesses a look that conveys both athleticism and feminine... Read More

Gabor Mate Physician and Expert on Addiction, Childhood Development and Trauma

Gabor Maté, M.D., is an author and physician. He speaks to professional and lay audiences around North America as a public speaker. His four books have all been Canadian bestsellers and have been tran... Read More

Gail Wilensky Healthcare Policy Reform Expert

GAIL WILENSKY is an economist and senior fellow at Project HOPE, an international health foundation. She directed the Medicare and Medicaid programs from 1990 to 1992 and served in the White House as... Read More

Gary Marcus Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University and Founder of Geometric Intelligence,

Gary Marcus scientist bestselling author entrepreneur and AI contrarian was CEO and Founder of the machine learning startup Geometric Intelligence recently acquired by Uber.  As a Professor of Psy... Read More

Gary Reedy Chief Executive Officer American Cancer Society Inc.

Mr. Gary M. Reedy has been Chief Executive Officer of American Cancer Society Inc. since April 27 2015. Mr. Reedy serves as Worldwide Vice President of Biopharmaceutical Public Policy and Services at... Read More

Gavin Armstrong President and CEO at Lucky Iron Fish Project

Dr. Gavin Armstrong is committed impact entrepreneur. He is currently serving as the Founder and President of Lucky Iron Fish™ a social enterprise attempting to alleviate iron deficiency around the wo... Read More

Gena Hamshaw Vegan Nutritionist Blogger Author of Choosing Raw

I’m a certified clinical nutritionist a food writer and a passionate vegan. This blog is a chronicle of my adventures in the kitchen a community-driven celebration of nourishing food and a space in wh... Read More

Genevieve Gorder Interior Designer and HGTV Personality

Genevieve Gorder’s soulful style and genuine enthusiasm have made her one of America’s favorite interior designers for many years. She is the founder and director of the Genevieve Gorder brand, a tele... Read More

George Jenkins MD Member of The Three Doctors Author & Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry at Columbia University

Dr. George Jenkins is a Dentist Author and Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry at Columbia University. He is also a founding member of The Thee Doctors a group in which he founded with his two b... Read More