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Welcome to our handpicked selection of Health & Wellness Speakers, where we showcase inspiring individuals who are dedicated to cultivating well-being and promoting healthy lifestyles. At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we take pride in connecting event organizers and companies with transformative Keynote, Motivational, and Inspirational speakers who share invaluable insights to empower individuals and organizations alike.

Our Health & Wellness Speakers are experts in their fields, delivering captivating presentations that focus on physical health, mental well-being, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and more. Their engaging talks leave audiences motivated to prioritize their health and embrace balanced lifestyles.

Whether you're hosting a health-focused event, a corporate wellness workshop, or a conference centered around well-being, our talented speakers bring passion and expertise to deliver impactful presentations that resonate with your audience. Partner with SBA and elevate your audience's well-being to new heights. Book your Health & Wellness Speaker now and inspire positive changes in lives.

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Annie Lawless Co-Founder of Suja Juice, Creator at

Exuding confidence, self-worth, and passion, Annie Lawless has become a force in the wellness space with a stylish flair. After experiencing years of chronic eczema in her childhood, Annie was diagnos... Read More

Andrew Dan Jumbo Host of TLC's Take Home Handyman

Andrew was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian father and a British mother. At age 3, during a civil war, his mother took him and his brother and sister to England to raise them in a safe environment. His... Read More

Anitra Mecadon Host of DIY Network's "Mega Dens"

Highly charismatic, on the cutting edge and not afraid to get her hands dirty, Anitra Mecadon has designed some of the most well-known, hip, and edgy restaurants, residences, boutiques, galleries, and... Read More

Anna Hieronimus Yoga Instructor and Co-Owner at Take Root

Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus, both 26, are the couple behind Take Root, a 14-seat, tasting menu-only restaurant in Carroll Gardens that opened at the beginning of the year. Elise is the chef, a "... Read More

Andrea Pino Women's and Civil Rights Activist, Blogger for Huffington Post

Andrea Lynn Pino is an American women's rights and civil rights activist, and a blogger for the Huffington Post. Pino is one of the primary writers and one of five complainants in the 2013 Title IX a... Read More

Andrea Evans Emmy Nominated Actress and Breast Cancer Advocate

Andrea Evans was born June 18, 1957 in Aurora, Illinois and is an American Emmy-nominated actress. Evans is most recognized for her portrayal of Tina Lord on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, a r... Read More

Ann McGee Cooper Strees-Management / Workplace Issues

Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper has been called a visionary and a catalyst for the transformation of American business. The breadth of her experience is remarkable. She applies her understanding of the mind and... Read More

Ani Phyo Holistic Nutritionist & Plant-Based Raw Food Chef

Ani is the 2013 SoCal Gold Medalist in Powerlifting and is the world’s leading author on detox, superfoods, wellness, and fitness. She has written seven award-winning and best-selling books, including... Read More

Amy Morin Psychotherapist & Bestselling Author

Why do some people struggle to overcome life’s challenges, while others bounce back from adversity better than before? In an inspiring presentation filled with clear action steps and anecdotal stories... Read More

Angelo Surmelis Designer from HGTV's "24 Hour Design" and "Rate My Space"

Angelo Surmelis is the wildly popular host of Rate My Space, the big budget HGTV makeover series inspired by the phenomenally successful online Rate My Space community. Since the age of 6, Angelo kne... Read More