Government and Political Officials

Government and politics are absolutely critical for businesses and nonprofit organizations to understand. That is why so many businesses focus on bringing in government or political officials to speak at their conferences or events. Government policy can be difficult to grasp, especially when there are so many different and competing factions within the political landscape. Booking a government and politics expert, such as a college professional, or a government official themselves can help your business get a better grasp on what government is planning in your sector.

If you are interested in booking a government and politics speaker, the process has never been easier. You can search the extensive list of government and politics speakers at Speaker Booking Agency. Book a government and policy speaker today who is going to keep your organization engaged throughout your next event. 

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Scott Gottlieb Former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration

Doctor Scott Gottlieb, M.D., was the 23rd United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner. Dr. Gottlieb's work focuses on improving medical results, changing how healthcare is delivered, and i... Read More

Samantha Power Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

The "conscience" of U.S. foreign policy has been referred to as Ambassador Samantha Power. She has a unique perspective because she spent the first eight years of her career helping shape geopolitical... Read More

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi Minister of International Cooperation and Development, United Arab Emirates

Sheikha Qasimi, the UAE's Minister of International Cooperation and Development, has guided the country into new levels of charity. The oil-rich country sent $5.4 billion to other nations in 2013, up... Read More

Sloan Gibson Current United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs

President Obama nominated Sloan D. Gibson to be the Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and the Senate approved him on February 11, 2014. Mr. Gibson was named Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs on... Read More

Steven Landefeld, Ph.D. Director, Bureau of Economic Analysis (1995-2014) and Chief of Staff, President Ronald Reagan's and President George H.W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers

Dr. J. Steven Landefeld is an internationally recognized economist specializing in macroeconomics and economic measurement. He was director of the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) for nearly 20... Read More

Spencer Overton Political and Policy Speaker

Professor Overton is the Director of the Political Law Studies Initiative and specializes on voting rights and campaign finance. His election law scholarly writings have published in a number of prest... Read More

Suzan Johnson Cook 3rd Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom for the United States

The honour and honour of serving the country's first African American president fell to Suzan Johnson Cook. From May 2011 until October 2013, Johnson Cook served as the President and Secretary of Stat... Read More

Scott Goodstein Political Strategist

For the most important political campaigns on the left and progressive causes worldwide, Scott Goodstein, the founder and CEO of Revolution Messaging, has led the way in digital strategy and technolog... Read More

Sara Flitner Founder & President of Flitner Strategies, Inc.; Former Mayor of Jackson, Wyoming

Sara Flitner is the proprietor of Flitner Strategies, Inc., a business focusing on pragmatic, collaborative problem-solving and communication strategy. Flitner adds value as a policy consultant, commu... Read More

Sidi Yattara Consular Officer,Embassy of Canada

I am now working as a Consular Officer at an Embassy in Mali, where I have expertise in literacy, settlement assistance for immigrants, immigration, and volunteering. I graduated from The Universit du... Read More