Business Coaches

Business coaching is a relatively new discipline. A business coach might be a former executive, a manager, or even a psychologist. Business coaches are trained in how to provide sound advice to executives and business professionals. Startup teams and high-ranking business officials may seek business coaching in order to improve their leadership skills or to learn how to become a better negotiator. Business coaching is on the rise as a discipline, in part because today’s business executives understand that they do not have all the answers. They need counsel and assistance in order to perform at the highest level. 

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Shawn Rhodes Expert Speaker on Business Change and Author of Pivot Point

Shawn Rhodes assists companies in accelerating strategic implementation and reducing costs. He's a Tampa-based TEDx speaker and his work studying organizations in more than two dozen countries has bee... Read More

Sam Caucci CEO & Founder of 1Huddle

Sam Caucci established 1HUDDLE, a platform for workforce training that uses gaming technologies to aid enterprises in better preparing their employees for the workforce. Sam led the development of the... Read More

Sterling Hawkins #NoMatterWhat Keynote Speaker and author of Hunting Discomfort

Sterling Hawkins is determined to challenge the existing quo in order to build what is truly feasible for mankind in our time. He's spent his career sparking fresh ideas and motivating people to act o... Read More

Santiago Jaramillo Employee Engagement Expert

Santiago Jaramillo is a co-author of Agile Engagement, an Amazon best-selling book that gives businesses a framework for assessing employee engagement. Santiago Jaramillo is a nationally known special... Read More

Sam Horn Communications Strategist and Executive Coach

Sam has taught the world's best executives (such as Intel, Cisco, and Boeing) and entrepreneurs (such as EO, YPO, and TLC) how to communicate more effectively. Her groundbreaking POP! The book introdu... Read More

Sara Canaday Leadership Speaker and Executive Coach

Sara started by working a full-time job while she completed her MBA. She constantly saw a startling pattern as she rose the corporate ladder in America: the most successful individuals sometimes had t... Read More