Authors are tremendously interesting individuals. After all, they must create characters and do research in order to establish believable stories. Authors are being booked more than ever to talk about their creative process and how they manage their stories while writing. If you are interested in booking an author for your next corporate event, then you can start your search right here with Speaker Booking Agency. 

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Nan Russell Former Corporate Executive & Author of Trust Inc.

Nan Russell left the corporate world to pursue a life-dream to work and write from the mountains of northweste... Read More

Category: Authors , Journalists , Leadership Speakers

Nanci Appleman-Vassil Business Professional and Author

Nanci is a International Speaker, Author and seasoned business professional with more than 20 years experience... Read More

Category: Authors , Business Speakers

Nancy Ancowitz Business Communication Coach & Author

Nancy Ancowitz is a business communication coach specializing in career advancement and presentation skills an... Read More

Category: Authors , Business Speakers , Communication Speakers

Nancy Austin Author and Leadership Speaker

Nancy K. Austin’s work and writing has changed the way business does business. A leading authority and well-kn... Read More

Category: Authors , Leadership Speakers

Nancy French Three-Time New York Times Best-Selling Author

Nancy French is a three-time New York Times best-selling author.Her most recent books include a collaboration... Read More

Category: Authors

Nancy Guthrie Nancy Guthrie is a Bible teacher and author of seven book

Nancy Guthrie is a Bible teacher and author of seven books including Holding on to Hope Hearing Jesus Speak in... Read More

Category: Authors

Nancy Horan Best-Selling Author & Novelist

Nancy Horan was intrigued by the story of the relationship between Wright and Mamah Cheney the wife of a clien... Read More

Category: Authors

Nancy L. Cohen Author Historian & Leading National Expert on Women and American Politics

Nancy L. Cohen is an author historian and leading national expert on women and American politics. She is the a... Read More

Category: Authors

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