Top Innovation Speaker Brian Solis Adds Perspective at Chamber Meeting

The Greater Akron Chamber’s annual meeting was looking for inspiration on how to best help their members emerge from the pandemic successfully. They looks no further than top innovation speaker Brian Solis.

Solis conducted a moderated Q&A with Chamber President & CEO Steve Millard during the hour-long Zoom video conference. He discussed digital Darwinism and innovation, among other topics.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime disruption and you have a choice about what to do about it," said Solis. "The world is going to continue to change. A lot of it is honestly overdue. If you don't build that new future, it will be built for you."

According to Solis, digital Darwinism is a critical pillar for company success. He said that consumerization of the internet, as shown by corporations like Amazon and Apple, has democratized the internet. As a method of connecting with people, the pandemic has forced businesses to switch to the digital space, he said.

Solis explained that 75% of customers experimented with a new brand or service last year, and many of those people are sticking with their new options. People are also opting out of buying from companies whose values do not coincide with their own, he continued. Businesses must iterate and innovate in ways that render old things obsolete to survive and prosper, according to Solis.

Domino’s Pizza, he said, is an example of a corporation that realized it needed to enter the digital space first to succeed. The company has employed several software engineers to create an app to engage with customers in the way they choose. Smartphones and comparable devices, as well as their apps, are rewiring the human brain in negative ways, Solis said. He claims that they are increasing the demand for attention in a way that “makes you insatiable” and makes individuals addicted to services.

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