Technology Speakers

Technology speakers understand an industry that may seem complex to most. They come from many backgrounds, but they all look at the world from a similar perspective. Technology speakers can see what advancements lie ahead and they educate companies and organizations how to best navigate the future. If one of these best technology experts and tech conference speakers is present at your next meeting or convention, attendees will walk away appreciative for the insight they have received.

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Eduardo Saverin Co-Founder of Facebook

Eduardo Luiz Saverin is an entrepreneur based out of Brazil. He is primarily focused on the internet. Saverin’s claim to fame is that he is one of the co-founders of Facebook. In 2015, he still owned... Read More

Eric O'Neill Used Cyber Security Expertise to Catch Most Notorious Spy in US History

Eric O’Neill is a security expert who played a key role in finding and capturing one of the most notorious spies in US history—Robert Hanssen. Robert Hanssen was a member of the FBI for over 25 years.... Read More

Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founder of Groupon

Eric P. Lefkofsky is an investment professional. He is currently working as a managing partner and special advisor at Lightbank, LLC. He also founded The Point LLC, and MediaBank LlC. Lefkofsky is per... Read More

Eduardo Saverin Founding Partner of B Capital Group & Facebook

Eduardo Saverin is a Founding Partner of B Capital Group.Saverin was previously the first investor in and co-founder of Facebook. Today Facebook as a publicly traded company with a market cap surpassi... Read More

Eric Mazur Physicist & Educator at Harvard; Entrepreneur in Technology Start-Ups for the Educational and Photonics Markets

Eric Mazur is the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics and Dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University Member of the Faculty of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education an... Read More

Eric Lefkofsky Co-founder of Lightbank; Founder & Director of InnerWorkings Inc. Echo Global Logistics Inc. Mediaocean and Groupon Inc.

Eric Lefkofsky age 43 is CEO of Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ: GRPN). He is also a Co-founder of LightBank LLC and the President of Blue Media LLCMr. Lefkofsky co-founded several technology companies including... Read More

Eric Ries Founder of Lean Startup Methodology

Eric Ries is the author of The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Business. Ries is also an entrepreneur. He currently serves on the advis... Read More

Erik Brynjolfsson Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business

Professor Erik Brynjolfsson holds a bachelor's and master's degree from Harvard University in Applied Mathematics and Decision Science and an MIT PhD in Management Economics. Before joining MIT facul... Read More

Ev Williams Co-founder & Former CEO of Twitter; Founder & CEO of Medium

Evan Williams is founder and CEO at Medium. Previously he co-founded Blogger which was acquired by Google in 2003 and Twitter where he was CEO and now serves on the board of directors.In 2014 Evan co-... Read More

Ellen Pao Co-Founder & CEO of Project Include; Diversity & Inclusion Advocate; Former Interim CEO of Reddit

Ellen Pao is a long-time entrepreneur and tech investor and a more recent activist who co-founded the award-winning diversity and inclusion nonprofit organization Project Include. She was previously a... Read More