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Welcome to SpeakerBookingAgency's (SBA) captivating collection of Science and Technology Speakers. Our handpicked roster features leading experts and tech visionaries who are at the forefront of innovation and discovery. From AI pioneers to space exploration enthusiasts, our speakers excel in various scientific fields, offering groundbreaking insights and advancements that shape the future.

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Yancey Strickler Co-Founder and Former CEO of Kickstarter

Yancey Strickler is an author and businessman. He is the author of This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World and the co-founder and former CEO of Kickstarter. Yancey has been nam... Read More

Yvonne Cagle NASA Management Astronaut and Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel

As a commissioned medical officer working at the 48th Tactical Hospital in the UK, Dr. Yvonne Cagle participated in the STS-30 mission to test the Magellan spacecraft in May 1989 as the Air Force Medi... Read More

Yoky Matsuoka VP at Google; Chief Technology Officer at Nest; Expert in AI Robotics & User Experience

Vice President Yoky Matsuoka works at Google. She served as Nest's Chief Technology Officer prior to Nest being acquired by Google. Matsuoka is a member of HP's board of directors. Matsuoka is a speci... Read More

Yann LeCun Director of AI Research at Facebook

A member of the NYU Center for Data Science, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, the Center for Neural Science, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Yann LeCun is the Dir... Read More

Yeonmi Park YouTuber and Author, North Korean Defector and Political Commentator

Yeonmi Park is a prominent North Korean defector and human rights activist, renowned for her courageous escape from North Korea and her advocacy for the oppressed worldwide. Born on October 4, 1993, i... Read More

Yvonna Cagle NASA Astronaut & Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) astronaut Dr. Yvonne Darlene Cagle also serves as a consultant professor for the electrical engineering and cardiovascular medicine departmen... Read More

Yvonne Pendleton Director Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute

After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, Dr. Yvonne Pendleton began working at NASA Ames in July 1979. She graduated with a Master's in Aeron... Read More

Yvonne Strahovski Actress Known for Chuck Dexter & Astronaut Wives Club

Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski has played a few parts in local cinema and television. In the current season of the American TV show Chuck, she plays Sarah Walker. In Australia, Strahovski began... Read More

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