Poets are some of the most inspiring, thoughtful people in the world today. They share their amazingly well-thought-out works in poetry books and on live stages everywhere. Poets are natural speakers who can be motivational keynote presenters at a host of events. Poetry speakers get people to see important issues of the day from a different perspective, which can add great value to virtual and in-person events.  
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Lorna Dee Cervantes Feminist, Activist Poet

Lorna Dee Cervantes is an award-winning Chicana, Native American (Chumash), feminist, activist poet who is considered one of the major Chicana poets of the past 40 years. She has been described by Alu... Read More

Leslie Marmon Silko Acclaimed Native American Novelist, Poet and Essayist

Leslie Marmon Silko is known for her verse treatment of Native American subjects. Despite the fact that maybe most popular as a writer Silko is additionally a practiced artist. She started composing v... Read More

Luis Rodriguez Official Poet Laureate of Los Angeles; Poet novelist journalist critic and columnist.

Luis Rodriguez saw his own way out of poverty and despair in the barrio of East LA and successfully broke free from the years of violence and desperation he spent as an active gang member. Achieving s... Read More