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Successful people are always striving to improve in every area of life. Personal improvement experts know how difficult that struggle is and they take pride in helping others. Speakers on personal improvement can address topics like business networking, relationships, parenting and much more. They leave audiences with actionable ways to get better in their particular area of expertise. 

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Byron Katie Founder of The Work; Author of "A Mind at Home with Itself"

Byron Katie is an American speaker and author who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as The Work of Byron... Read More

Category: Personal Growth Speakers

Glennon Doyle Activist, Philanthropist and Founder of Momastery

Glennon Doyle is an author, activist, philanthropist and non-profit executive. She has written books including... Read More

Category: Activists , Philanthropists , Nonprofit Leaders

Matthew Kelly Leading Business Speaker on Culture and Leadership

Matthew Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker and bestselling author. He is also the founder and presi... Read More

Category: Personal Growth Speakers , Business Speakers , Business Coaches

Robert Greene New York Times Bestselling Author on Strategy

Robert Greene is an American author and speaker best known for his books on strategy, power, and seduction. He... Read More

Category: Strategists , Leadership Speakers , Business Speakers

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