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Welcome to our curated collection of Inspiration & Motivation Speakers, where we feature remarkable individuals who have the power to ignite passion and inspire positive change. At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we take pride in connecting event organizers and companies with motivational Keynote, Inspirational, and Motivational speakers who share life-changing stories and valuable insights.

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Vivek J. Tiwary Award-Winning Producer of Broadway Shows

Vivek J. Tiwary is a New York Times best-selling author and award-winning developer of Broadway productions, films, television series, and realistic novels. He is the author and essayist of The Fifth... Read More

Viveka von Rosen Chief Visibility Officer of Vengresso

Viveka von Rosen began using LinkedIn in 2006 after hearing about the benefits of Business Networking using LinkedIn. She realized the monstrous power of a business web-based systems administration si... Read More

Vivian Gornick Author The Solitude of Self

Vivian Gornick, a raised New Yorker, is a grant-winning writer and memoirist who has written many best-selling books and has worked as a columnist for over 40 years. She received her BA from City Coll... Read More

Vusi Mahlasela Vusi Mahlasela has dedicated his life to using music and words to inspire change.

As a child in South Africa, he was frequently watched by the police because of his opposition to politically sanctioned racial segregation policies and vocal support for understudy struggle. During th... Read More

Wagatwe Wanjuki Activist Digital Strategist Writer & Feminist

Wagatwe Wanjuki is a women's activist, lobbyist, author, lecturer, and computerized expert most known for her work as a national anti-savagery campaigner. She is the founder of the anti-assault organi... Read More

Wahid Bhimji Big Data Architect at NERSC

Wahid Bhimji is a key information modeler at the Berkeley National Laboratory's NERSC supercomputing center. His AI interests include generative models and deep learning applied to fundamental researc... Read More

Waris Dirie Somali Model, Author, Actress and Social Activist; Former UN Special Ambassador for the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation

In 1965, Waris Dirie was born into a nomadic household in the Somali desert near the Ethiopian border. She was forced to endure the cruel operation of female genital mutilation at the early age of fiv... Read More

Watson Hartsoe Ethnographer Designer Educator; Genesis STEAM

Watson's work has carried him throughout America in search of new paths of developing inventive networks for social greatness, with a base in social human studies and participatory media enterprises.... Read More

Wayne Kramer Founder Jail Guitar Doors USA

Wayne Kramer is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and arranger best known for being a member of the Detroit rock band Motor City 5. (MC5). Additionally, he founded the charitable Jail Guitar Doors USA.... Read More

Wendy Grant-John Senior Aboriginal Advisor at Deloitte; Represents First Nations

The senior Aboriginal Advisor at Deloitte is Wendy Grant-John. She learned social skills and teachings from her family and the surrounding families as she grew up. Wendy, a member of the Musqueam Chie... Read More

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