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Prof. Dr. George Kohlrieser Police psychologist hostage negotiator and organisational and clinic psychologist.

Prof. Dr. George Kohlrieser is an internationally recognized leadership and conflict-resolution expert. He is a clinical psychologist and Leadership and Organizational Behavior professor at IMD Busine... Read More

Prof. Dr. Henk Barendregt Insight (mindfulness) meditation

Prof. Dr. Henk Barendregt is a Dutch mathematician and computer scientist known for his contributions to developing lambda calculus and its applications in computer science and artificial intelligence... Read More

Prof. Dr. Henri-Claude de Bettignies Responsible Leadership

Prof. Dr. Henri-Claude de Bettignies is a renowned professor, author, and expert on business ethics and corporate governance. He was a professor of leadership and responsibility at INSEAD, one of the... Read More

Prof. Dr. Walter Baets Expert in chaos change innovation and complexity

Prof. Dr. Walter Baets is a Belgian academic and complexity science and management expert. He is currently the Director of the Institute for Complexity and Innovation at the University of South Africa... Read More

Prof. PETER FISK GAMECHANGERS ... Inspirational leadership that drives smarter innovation and accelerates growth

Prof. Peter Fisk is an internationally recognized business strategist, author, and speaker. He is the founder of GeniusWorks, a company that helps organizations to create and implement innovative stra... Read More

Prof. Pierre-Yves Gerbeau Former CEO of X-Leisure

Pierre-Yves Gerbeau is a highly accomplished French engineer and businessman. He began his career in the United Kingdom as a nuclear physicist and later earned a Ph.D. in fluid mechanics from Imperial... Read More

Professor Bernhard Steinerhoff professor

Professor Bernhard Steinerhoff is a distinguished scholar in the field of physics, specializing in semiconductor research. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Marburg in Germany and worked at... Read More