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Welcome to our curated collection of Inspiration & Motivation Speakers, where we feature remarkable individuals who have the power to ignite passion and inspire positive change. At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we take pride in connecting event organizers and companies with motivational Keynote, Inspirational, and Motivational speakers who share life-changing stories and valuable insights.

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Mahbod Moghadam Co-Founder Rap Genius and Co-Founder Everipedia

A group of three Yale undergraduates created Rap Exegesis, a Wikipedia-like site where users could annotate hip hop lyrics. This was back in 2009. Today the site is called Rap Genius which attracts mo... Read More

Malcolm London Young Poet Educator and Activist; Known for his TED Talk High School Training Ground

Malcolm London was part of a historic youth delegation to the United Nations in Geneva to address police violence in Chicago. Deeply interested in working on ways to improve the national education sys... Read More

Marc Tyler Nobleman Author & Central Figure in Documentary Batman & Bill

Marc Tyler Nobleman is the author of books including Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman which defied the odds by helping to correct a 76-year-long cultural injustice. This inspired t... Read More

Margaret White Author Lyricist & Artist

Author of We Stood a book of portraits and quoted of the women who stood with Donald Trump. Also retired from 43 years as a Mortgage Banker who owned her first mortgage company at 19 and who authored... Read More

Margo Hickman Educating motivating and inspiring through humor

Margo Hickman has committed her life to encouraging others through the gift of laughter. Margo has over thirty years of theater experience and is currently a secondary Theater Teacher. She is also a M... Read More

Mariah Burton Nelson Former Professional Basketball Player Author & Keynote Speaker

Mariah Burton Nelson is a national authority on sports success and leadership she has written five ground-breaking books including The Stronger Women Get the More Men Love Football: Sexism and the Ame... Read More

Marie Swift President and CEO of Impact Communications

Marie Swift's clients are high profile industry celebrities executives and thought leaders. She has extensive experience working with the media promoting worthwhile business agendas and helping indivi... Read More

Marilyn Manning Business and Motivational Speaker

Marilyn manning specializes in communication. An international certifies speaking professional (CSP), trainer, consultant and author, she holds an M.A. is Social Science and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Psych... Read More

Marina Adshade Author of Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love

Marina Adshade shows that every option, every decision and every outcome in the realm of sex and love is better understood through economics. The end result is a fascinating and often humorous look at... Read More

Mark F. Twight Alpine Mountaineer & Founder of Gym Jones

I call myself a climber because climbing made me who I am. I started in 1980. The more and harder I did it the better I became. I made first ascents on five continents visited the Himalayas seven time... Read More

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