Innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are changing the way that businesses are run. Futurists understand these technologies and what is coming next. They can help your group or organization understand more about how your chosen industry is going to change in the coming years and what to expect in the future. 

Choosing the right futurist speaker can set your organization down a road to success. If you are interested in having a futurist speak at your company’s next event, conference, or retreat, then our team at Speaker Booking Agency can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today! 

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Jeffrey Rosensweig Director of the Global Perspectives Program at Goizueta Business School of Emory University

Jeffrey Rosensweig is a professor of International Business and Finance and Director of the Global Perspectives Program at Goizueta Business School of Emory University. Rosensweig shares his insights... Read More

Jag Randhawa Technology Executive Award Winning Author and Innovation Catalyst

Jag Randhawa is a Technology Executive Venture Capital Advisor Professional Speaker and award-winning author of the book “The Bright Idea Box.” Jag has been credited with creating a wave of bottom-up... Read More

Josh Luke Futurist & Healthcare Expert; Executive Faculty at the University of Southern California; Former Hospital CEO

Josh Luke is a USC professor who became a hospital CEO at age 32 and author of the new book Ex-Acute A Former Hospital CEO tells all on What

Jeanne Meister Partner at Future Workplace & Bestselling Author of The 2020 Workplace

Jeanne Meister is the receipt of the Distinguished Contribution in Workplace Learning Award by the Association for Talent Development (ATD). This award is given to one executive each year honoring the... Read More

Jason J. Sosa Entrepreneur Future of Work & Emerging Technologies Expert

Jason J. Sosa has been an advisor to a $20m early-stage venture capital fund where he advised dozens of companies. For the past 15 years Jason has led innovation strategy on emerging technology for st... Read More

Jeff Krukin Entrepreneurship the NewSpace industry and The Human-Space Connection®

Jeff's space career began with boyhood evenings in the back yard gazing at the Moon and stars. This early passion for space led to a multi-faceted career including IBM Systems Engineer at NASAs Johnso... Read More

Jeff Speck City Planner & Urban Designer; Advocates for Smart Growth & Sustainable Design Author of Walkable City

Jeff Speck is a city planner and urban designer who advocates internationally for more walkable cities. As Director of Design at the National Endowment for the Arts from 2003 through 2007 he presided... Read More

Jacqueline Jensen Founder/COO of TicketCake.com a natural born doer and a member of the #VegasTech community.

She has been a relationship builder problem solver social marketer project manager and finance nerd. She is inspired by serendipity and other entrepreneurs she meets.Skills: Analytics & Reporting Busi... Read More

John Krubski Leading Business Futurist

In the course of more than 25 years of helping client companies achieve repeatable Moments of Genius, John Krubski developed the foundational principles of Thinking Whole and Breaking Genius. He is a... Read More

Jack Shaw Business Technology Futurist

Jack Shaw is an Innovation and Change Management Strategist with more than 30 years' experience helping leaders transform their organizations' digital ecosystems amid new waves of technology. A Global... Read More