Innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are changing the way that businesses are run. Futurists understand these technologies and what is coming next. They can help your group or organization understand more about how your chosen industry is going to change in the coming years and what to expect in the future. 

Choosing the right futurist speaker can set your organization down a road to success. If you are interested in having a futurist speak at your company’s next event, conference, or retreat, then our team at Speaker Booking Agency can help you find the perfect fit. Contact us today! 

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Frederic E. Davis Fred is an experienced entrepreneur technology pioneer and media professional.

Fred is an experienced entrepreneur technology pioneer and media professional. He has written 14 books about computers including the first book on Desktop Publishing and the award-winning Windows Bibl... Read More

Frances West Internationally Recognized Thought Leader Strategy Advisor & Women-in-Technology Trailblazer; Former IBM Chief Accessibility Officer

Frances West is an internationally recognized thought leader speaker strategy advisor and women-in-technology trailblazer known for her work in innovation technology and business transformation.France... Read More

Frank Feather World-Leading Business Futurist and ex-Banker: A Future You Can Bank On!

A strategy-driven futurist Frank Feather combines solid business experience with uncanny forecasts and novel insights that often shake up the conventional wisdom.For 22 years Frank was a strategic pla... Read More

Faith Popcorn World Famous Trend Forecaster

Faith Popcorn best-selling author of The Popcorn Report Clicking EVEolution Dictionary of the Future and upcoming Popcorn Report 2020: A Leap of Faith. She is founder and CEO of Faith Popcorn’s BrainR... Read More

Francis Lawrence Francis Lawrence is an American music video film and television director and producer. Most recently known for The Hunger Games.

Lawrence was born of American parents in Vienna Austria. His father is a physicist who taught at California State University Northridge and his mother is V.P. Technology at a PR agency.He moved to Los... Read More

Fei-Fei Li Chief Scientist of AI/ML Google Cloud & Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab

Fei-Fei Li is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. Li is currently the Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Stanford Vision Lab. As... Read More

Fritz Haeg Artist and Architect

Fritz Haeg is an American artist whose work spans a range of disciplines and media including gardens dance performance design installation ecology and architecture most of which is commissioned and pr... Read More

Fan Gang Director National Economic Research Institute (NERI); Chairman China Reform Foundation

Dr. Fan Gang is a highly distinguished economist trained at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences an elite government think tank overseeing numerous research institutes. In addition to his duties as... Read More

Fredrik Ohlsson Director of Enterprise IT Architecture at Tetra Pak Group

Fredrik Ohlsson is the Director of Enterprise IT Architecture for the Tetra Pak Group. He has more than 17 years of experience managing global implementations of analytics. Today Fredrik is heading a... Read More

Forrest Iandola CEO of DeepScale

Forrest Iandola completed a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley where his research focused on deep neural networks. His advances in scalable training and efficient implem... Read More