Education Speakers

Education is one of the most important issues of the day. It is also one of the most polarizing. There are many different ideas on how governments should approach education and it can be difficult to come to a consensus. There are some education professionals who advocate for public schools, while some advocate for private schools. There is also a growing charter school movement for schools that receive public tax dollars but operate outside of public regulation. Education speakers can help organizations to make sense out the education debate and to find out how their products or services may fit the needs of the education industry. 

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Brian Bordainick Education, Fundraising and Innovation Expert; Founder of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams; Director of Entrepreneurial Investments at 4.0 Schools; CEO at Dinner Lab

Brian Bordainick is a bona fide serial entrepreneur. In the summer of 2007, while working for Teach for America, Brian traveled to New Orleans expecting to join the faculty at a local high school. Wha... Read More

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita Professor of Politics, New York University

Global affairs today is a world of baffling questions. Why can't world leaders draft a climate accord, even in the face of peak oil? How do tyrants hold onto power for so long? Who really holds the re... Read More

Brian Mull Teacher

Described as having an infectious enthusiasm and incredible depth of knowledge, Brian shares a powerful vision for teaching and learning with administrators, teachers, parents and students. He focuses... Read More

Bill Daggett International Center for Leadership in Education President

Bill Daggett's System for Effective Instruction and Rigor/Relevance Framework are the cornerstones of many school improvement efforts throughout the United States. Thousands of school districts have s... Read More

Bon Crowder Helping the world to be confident in math!

I am a long time professional math educator turned full-stack software developer. For years I’ve leveraged my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in math to educate others. Now I get to use those skills t... Read More

Bonnie Abaunza Founder and President of the Abaunza Group; Human Rights & Civil Liberties Advocate

Bonnie Abaunza joined Participant as Vice President, Campaign Development & Operations in May, 2007, where she is responsible for the creation and implementation of advocacy campaigns for Particip... Read More

Bonnie Bassler Bonnie Bassler studies how bacteria can communicate with one another, through chemical signals, to act as a unit. Her work could pave the way for new, more potent medicine.

Bonnie Lynn Bassler (born 1962) is an American molecular biologist. She has been a professor at Princeton University since 1994. Born in Chicago and raised in Danville, California, Bassler received a... Read More

Brad Fountain Brad Fountain began his educational career as teacher in a grades 3-5 multi-age classroom in rural North Carolina.

Brad Fountain began his educational career as teacher in a grades 3-5 multi-age classroom in rural North Carolina. Having spent the previous 15+ years working with technology on his own time, he quick... Read More

Brendan Mullan Science Educator and Astrobiologist

Brendan Mullan explores innovative ways to communicate astronomy to the public and inspire a new generation of scientists. He won the 2012 U.S. FameLab competition and is a recent Ph.D. graduate from... Read More

Byju Raveendran Founder of India Education Technology Firm "Byju's Classes"

Raveendran is the founder of Byju’s Classes, the Education Technology firm whose tagline is “Fall in love with learning”. The test prep business he founded in 2007, helping CAT aspirants crack the exa... Read More