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The worlds of economy and finance are constantly changing because of trends in emerging industries and new advances in technology. The digital age has made it easier to trade and invest than ever before. Speakers on the economy and finance have years of experience and they can help your organization navigate whatever lies ahead. 

Whether you are looking for an economist, a Wall Street investor, a private equity specialist, or a trader, Speaker Booking Agency can help you find the right speaker for your company’s specific needs. We take great pride in helping our clients find the perfect fit. Contact us today and we’ll get to work on making sure that your next event with an economy or finance speaker is transformative.

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Top 10 Economy and Finance Speakers

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Dr. Eric Maskin Professor of Economics at Harvard and Nobel Laureate

Eric Maskin is the Adams University Professor and Professor of Economics and Mathematics at Harvard. He has ma... Read More

Category: Professors , Economy and Finance Speakers

Dr. Kjell Nordstrom Economist, Writer, and Innovative Speaker

Dr. Kjell A. Nordström has 20 years of experience of working with multinational companies and has served as an... Read More

Category: Business Speakers , Economy and Finance Speakers

Jacques Attali French Economist, Business Leader

Professor, writer, special advisor to François Mitterand, Founder and first president of the European Bank for... Read More

Category: Business Speakers , Economy and Finance Speakers , Professors

Joseph Stiglitz Economist; Professor at Columbia University

Regarded as one of the best economic minds of his generation, Joseph E. Stiglitz is the winner of the 2001... Read More

Category: Economy and Finance Speakers , Professors

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