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Welcome to our exceptional collection of Creatives Speakers, where we showcase a diverse group of visionary artists and innovative thinkers who redefine creativity and artistic brilliance. At SpeakerBookingAgency (SBA), we take pride in presenting a curated selection of Creative Keynote, Motivational, and Inspirational Speakers, each with a unique ability to inspire creativity and innovation within your audience.

Our Creatives Speakers come from various artistic backgrounds, including acclaimed artists, renowned designers, cutting-edge architects, and forward-thinking writers. They have a profound impact on audiences by sparking creativity and encouraging new perspectives. Whether you're planning a design conference, artistic workshop, or creative brainstorming session, our Creatives Speakers are ready to bring their creative genius to your event.

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La Carmina La Carmina is a top travel and fashion blogger ( influencer and TV host. Appears on TV shows for Travel Channel Discovery National Geographic and more.

La Carmina of is a movement TV have (Travel Channel National Geographic Discovery) writer (Huffington Post Yahoo Business Insider CNN) and proprietor of a well known travel wa... Read More

Larry Schwimmer Astrologer Businessman Life Coach and Author of What the Hell is Going On in My Life?

Larry Schwimmer is a universally realized celestial prophet achieved businessperson life mentor and open speaker. He additionally composes a crystal gazing segment for ""The Huffington Post."" Schwimm... Read More

Laura Lawless Robertson Former Miss Arizona Attorney Speaker on Mental Health

In 2002, Laura Lawless won the title of Miss Arizona 2002 and turned into a best 15 semi-finalist at the 2003 Miss America rivalry. In any case, Lawless thinks of her as most prominent accomplishment... Read More

Laura Numeroff Children's Books Author & Illustrator; Best Known as the Author of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Laura Numeroff is the New York Times top rated creator of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Raising a Hero and What Mommies Do Best/What Daddies Do Best. Laura was conceived in Brooklyn New York and grew u... Read More

Laura Saltman Emmy-nominated Producer & Correspondent; Expert & Coach in Mind/Body/Soul Wellness; Author of The All of Everything

Laura Saltman is a creator inspirational orator natural direction mentor master in Mind/Body/Soul health and a TV/Digital Host who started her profession in TV. She is an Emmy-selected maker and repor... Read More

Laurie R. King American Author Best Known for her Detective Fiction

Laurie R. Lord is the New York Times top of the line creator of 22 books and different works including the Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes stories (from The Beekeeper's Apprentice named one of the twenti... Read More

Leah V Hijabi Social Media Influencer Muslim Feminist Body Positive Model & Author

Leah V is a hijabi influencer and body positive model with over a million profile perspectives and creator (Unashamed: Musings of a Fat Black Muslim Life October 2019/Beacon Press). She assumes numero... Read More

Lee Caraher Author, Businesswoman, Communication Speaker

Lee Caraher is an author, CEO and acclaimed communication strategist known for her practical solutions to big problems. Her friends now call her the "Millennial Whisperer" since she's helped so many B... Read More

Lee Gutkind Godfather of Creative Nonfiction; Expert on Nursing Healthcare Science & Technology

Lee Gutkind perceived by Vanity Fair as ""the Godfather behind innovative true to life"" is the writer and manager of in excess of 25 books with strengths in human services and nursing and science and... Read More

Lee Mokobe Transgender Slam Poet

Based in Cape Town, Lee Mokobe is an award-winning slam poet and the founder of Vocal Revolutionaries, a volunteer-run literary organization focused on empowering African youth. In 2013, Mokobe's Sout... Read More

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