Classic TV Stars

Classic TV stars are in demand because everyone knows who they are. These stars are instantly recognizable and have some of the most popular and endearing catchphrases out there. Booking a classic TV star can give your organization’s next event a major boost and ensure that the audience remains engaged and excited throughout. These classic TV stars often have incredible stories to tell about their heyday and they can keep the crowd amused for an entire event.

Classic TV stars can really boost your event and help you reach more people than ever. Speaker Booking Agency wants you to be able to find someone who fits in with your organization’s overall vision and company culture. Get a classic TV star who is going to excite the crowd and hold their attention for the entire event. Contact us today! 

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George Wendt Actor; Best known to television audiences as Norm Peterson the cud-sipping resident sports fan on Cheers

George Wendt was born and raised in Chicago Illinois USA. He attended a strict Jesuit prep school and then dropped out of Notre Dame University after a few uneventful years. He worked with the Windy C... Read More

Gary Burghoff Corporal Walter Eugene Radar O'Reilly M*A*S*H

Gary Burghoff was the only actor in Twentieth Century Fox's hit film MASH who was asked to reprise his character for the extremely successful television series. Burghoff's performance as the naive but... Read More